maandag 12 april 2010


You Lately"
- Dani�l Powter - Lyrics

You packed your last two bags,

You're heading back again.

You need to laugh out loud,

But you can't remember when,

You lost your lines,

It's like you 're  running out of time,

And the whole world is waiting, Right before you,

So you want a once a upon a time.

A place that makes you smile.

You can see everyting,

That you haven't for a while.

This i know.

There's a place that we can go....

A place where you and i can let them grow.

Find the world you've dreamed of lately.

You can see we've got this great thing.

With your closest once on the world

With your closest once on the world

The magic's on.


I hope you've found,

Whatever you've been lookin' for.

Just remember where your from

And who you are.

Cause there's a thousand lights,

That make you feel brand new,

But if you ever loose your way,

I'll leave one on for you.

Find the world you've dreamed of lately.

You can see we've got this great thing.

So come back,

And you sit down,


Everythings to see.

That you've come a long, long way,

And there's a place that we should be.

Cause i'm the one that loves you lately,

You and me we've got this great thing.

Cause i'm the one that loves you lately,

You and me we've got this great thing.

With your closest onces all around,

With your closest onces all around,

The magic's on.


You Lately"
- Dani�l Powter - Lyrics 2010

donderdag 1 april 2010

FILM REVIEWS Tuesday : 30 March 2010 (GODOGOOD)

Date/Datum : 30-03-2010

de Munt zaal 11: 7514 sneak preview GREEN ZONE

Cast (Cast overview, first billed only)

Yigal Naor ... General Al Rawi (as Igal Naor)

Said Faraj ... Seyyed Hamza
Faycal Attougui ... Al Rawi Bodyguard (as Faical Attougui)
Aymen Hamdouchi ... Ayad Hamza
Matt Damon ... Miller
Nicoye Banks ... Perry
Jerry Della Salla ... Wilkins
Sean Huze ... Conway
Michael J. Dwyer ... MET D (as Michael Dwyer)
Edouard H.R. Gluck ... MET D
Brian Siefkes ... MET D
Adam Wendling ... MET D
Abdul Henderson ... MET D
Paul Karsko ... MET D - Sims (as Sims)
Robert Miller ... MET D

It was the time when the whole world wants to know whether Iraq has weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and then US Army gets pressured to find evidences in Baghdad and other suspected nuclear facilities.

It has a clear and understandable story line and I find the cinematography, dialogue and action scenes great. Matt Damon acting was cool so those other actors (Iraqi counterparts).The message of the movie is political in nature and blends it fiction. It emphasizes the importance of having a "trusted source" and why it is hard to manufacture democracy in the face of deceit.

I considered this as one of Greengrass great work and if you are type of movie goers who likes action-filled scenes, twists and Bourne-like fight scenes then this is a good movie to watch.

de Munt zaal 6 Millenium 3
For more information, please contact:

Sören Staermose, producer at Yellow Bird
+46-707 61 60 71

Annmari Bergmark, Nordisk Film,
+46-8-587 822 85
Stieg Larsson: Millennium Trilogie # 3, Gerechtigheid / JUSTIFICATION

The first feature film, Men who hate women (aka The girl with the dragoon tattoo), has opened on cinemas in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, the UK, Iceland, Estonia, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Germany, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Argentine and Uruguay.

So far, total admissions are around 7.6 million, whereof 2.8 million in the Nordic countries, 1.5 million in Spain and 1.2 million in France. In Norway and Denmark it was the most visited Swedish film ever. The film is scheduled to open next in Australia (March); in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Paraguay, Chile, Taiwan and Singapore (April); in Mexico and Hungary (May) and in the Czech and Slovak Republics (July).

The girl who played with fire has opened in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Canada. Total admissions are so far around 4.2 million, whereof 2.4 million in the Nordic countries. The film is scheduled to open next in Estonia and Portugal (March); in France (June) and in the UK and the US during summer 2010.

The girl who kicked the hornets' nest has been released in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Spain. Total admissions are so far around 2 million. The film is scheduled to open next in Canada, Estonia and Greece (April); Italy (May) and France, Germany, Swizerland and Austria (June).

Yellow bird,...
Stieg Larsson began thinking about writing detective novels back in the early 90's, according to co-worker Anna-Lena Lodenius in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Veckans Affärer. He had always been interested in particularly Anglo-Saxon literature and knew the works of Elizabeth George, Minette Walters and Sara Paretsky very well. He knew what ingredients a good detective story should have, and he even reluctantly decided to spice it up with a bit of sex as it would probably please his readers.

15:25 de Munt zaal 8 : First Mission
Marina and Relation with Wout in Nederland, Leiden, Pregnant.
(An ectopic pregnancy (BOD) is a pregnancy where the fetus is not in the womb, but outside the womb nests).

Entering the country, a scene with a dead women on the road, a group of people, a sick baby, threatening Guerilla.
Campfire scene, laughing, sleeping with nets against malaria bugs.
update medical disposals, Carmelita Del Fuego,
Night clock and Guerilla's in South America,
Medicines for Refugees, International Frontline Doctors,
Thijs digging a hole in the ground and the first conversation with Marina Jansen from Leiden Nederland,
Shower is a bucket of water, Group circles and talk about basic surgery,
Children and breathing problems, tests, vaccins,
SALA DE CONSULTAS, coughing, Doble Viral ? Moving Camera shot ! (trilling) Hand Held.
Boys play footbal.Oliverio, wants to be a professional footbal player in the future.
Real Madrid ? Cap : Leidse Studs, Hockey team of Marina.
Sychronising fault of lips Thijs ? not moving ?
Camp base, Guerilla, Pablo Diablo. El Duro, = de harde. Juan Fuentes.
Antibiotica a clinica.
Chico, hasta lauwego ? Boat, people, female doctor ! Come estas !?
Madre de ninjo ? not enought water ?Medicin box drops, key, hey your doing it good !
Perfect : Hygiëne ? Night clock / stop problem !
Girl / women & children (Motorola Communcations) GPS.
In house / Village, Lung emboly, sickness. risk of dying, back in 3 weeks ?
Orlando > Bamos > Boat, 200 dollard deal, 250 dollard deal for Guerilla ?
100 Dollard pre payment. Phone call El Duro ?
Toll lo co tienne = all you have ?
In car, base to tango 17, t : you & t sam safty. Guerilla is boss.
Tipsy, Water play, Oli, Footbal, Music, M : i do my best. O : Give it a chance.
Call : Maturanaty. Moconium from Sjamaan ? Doctor ?
Debenoair, vacuüm pomp for delivery child ? Diëgo 5 minutes ?
SALA DE OPERACIONE, (RESPECT ?) Tranquilizer ? dead child ? product of rape ?
Puesto de Sabud, Barry & Car, 19:00 / Thijs bleeps ?! it has no sense ?! ?!
Smoking, Stress, I can't ! boy = deadly born.
Grave and candles, light blue cloth (textile) morning dew.
car & speaker-noise, flags. Talking with Thijs. Crying, Skype home!?
Footbal play, Oli : Promised ? Search, Explosion (Mine field ?) Land mine.
M: I go to the game
The boy (Oli) lost his left leg.
Not enough Ketamine ? Muscles can heal faster for children than for older people.
Wout on Skype, expects a Baby with his new girlfriend Sylvia in Nederland.
Felicida Song, Marina Marina Marina, Celebration, BBQ, Dancing,Singing.
Barry & M (*Kissing) Love scene. > Wake-up naked, a shamed ? sorry ?
People of the village watch and smile. Hey / Hey.
Infected leg : Oli.
Commes es posible. ? Why.
Market, boy, book Winney the Pooh, Medicines without etiquettes, (STOLEN MEDICINES.)
Corruption, Med 1 or 2 days for Oli. & aqua.
Mamita Marina, Reading, Read Pooh in ... spanish, english, dutch.

Orlando & stealing medicines, Safe.
Searching Paracetamol. Medicines against Malaria ? Lists aren't Oké !
Breakfast, Thijs & fever, no ?
Casa de Olando. Travagando a bar ? / Works at a bar/pub.
Reason of stealing ?
European people have : Cars, I pods, Free Medicines.
Kinine and Aqua/Water. Orlando on Car smashing the window. & Fight with Barry.
Venté = Go.
A ki con dio, I am with you !
The promis = Lo Prometo !
Who has the medicines, Guerillas ? Jeep white car, 152483.
Commander, A.C.T. ? Neutralité Principles ?
A flag with a star. Seargeant ? Orlando Aiudo ? Beaten & shot ?
Evacué ? Ziggy & Expads (Doctors) No local staff ? 15 minutes to get Runway bag.
Locals Evacué. Oli on floor under bed. Benzine for cars ? Barry & plastick of roof.
M : Embraces Barry.
Militariain. Troops. Attack. Guerilla's. In car, Breathing Oli ?
Militair : Documentos, Tango si ? LEAVING AMANI ?
Forcing army, Marina forced against car.
Barry gives Ipod & 2 phones, (WITHOUT BATTERIES) & gets documents back and a GO !
Bridge, Back to Amani.
Oli walks on stick/metal, artificial leg. & FOOTBAL !
Remi is a new P.C. No more Pablo Diablo,
Barry & Marina are in love.
Swimming in the river, WELCOME HOME !

"First Mission" is about the adventures of a team driven by ideals of medical services and the passionate work they do on a small post of International Frontline Doctors in South America. The young doctor working there tropics Marina (Anniek Pheifer), logistics officer Barry (Tygo Gernandt), project coordinator Thijs (Mark Rietman) and local staff Diego and Orlando under arduous and dangerous conditions. They put their own lives at risk to save others. Marina comes in torn Latin America behind them with its aid a big difference.

13:15 Munt zaal 7 : Solomon Kane
(INTRODUCTION) Essential , Davis Films,
North Africa 1600 (The time when noone stood against evil)
Intro: Axes, blades, nifes, swords,....-shouting and screaming.
Exploding a door of a castle. People/Knights blown into pieces.
A gun shoot to kill headens ? The throneroom ?
Mirrors and ghost skelletons.
Malthus,....? A treasureroom, gold, coins and sword, foggy breathing.
The devils reaper meets Solomon Kane.
(Murder and Greed is over) the devil takes his soul ?
The lord protects..
(THE STORY)The devils claim is no more on Solomon by saving Meredeth,
The guards are gone, the demon is gone, is evil defeated?
Solomon has found his purpose,
Prairs,dreams, signs on body, signals, .... A place like a sanctuary.
Brother Thomas and Father. purpose, redemption.
Solomon goes for a yourney. A long and lonely road, a forest,....
3 pirates with trouble. The pilgrim Solomon doesn't fight robbers.
Holy orders lead the second son of Lord .... Calmness is safety,
William Growthorn and his wife and their daughter Meredith and her brother Samuel safed him. With a cross sign carfed in his back, washing in the river, the spiritual Master Solomon makes conversations about respect and honor, battle and killing was his past.
In his childhood, a lifetime ago: Marcus the firstborn falls of a cliff in a fight. Now he sails for the new world, a future ! Evil is behind.
Do not STRAIN !? He thanks and asks the family to lead him, their approval is all !
(RISING ACTION) All the devils children were killed and pulled out their eyes, ....
A cross for protection for the girl remained, tired and afraid ?
It's you he want. (a wich in the child) the creature marked Meredeth in her right hand, trust is all Solomon can offer to her,
(there is no evil in you !).
Solomon the man of peace is confronted to become violent again by seeing Samuels dead by the knife of the robbers/reapers men.
(Kill them all) a price he shallgladly pay.
A sword and an axe help him halfway, the men on horses are gone to William and his wife he swears to find her and to safe (Meredeth the Marked one) .
(CLIMAX) On a horse, a hat and a cape, Solomon becomes the action hero.
Back into do all what he is best. Kill evil. Safe the innocent.
Meredeth has the strength to survive brutal captivity,
Malachai (an old priest and healer who sold his soul to the devil),... the servent of the devil, a sorsuror ????? The masked one.
A flog of monsterous people in a cellar, violence....
On a grafyard the Puritin Solomon meets Malachai's men again, Slaughtering,,,, (One man tells him that Meredeth dead is.)
The drunk Captain Cain (Cares not?) meets Henry Talford in a pub.
People on the cross ? cane crisified like Jesus ? The town is destroyed.
On the cross in the rain, Meredeth shouts from out of a driving cage.
Solomon jumps of the cross, his army safes him.
Earth, Water, Fire, Stones.... Pelgrim magic. His body is healed.
His hands are cured, the army is ready to follow him.
Solomon leads the army underground in his home#birth place.
A swordfight, the masked man, Soloman fights and escapes underground, a torch, saving the captured ones, searching Meredeth.
His father on a chain from magic and metal,
Mirrors and magic brought Marcus to his father and made Marcus the creature.A gun, Solomon needs to kill his father, an order.
The devil. Malachai. Marcus, ... (Solomon fights them)
Innocent blood of Meredeth freed a giant devil out of a mirror by the spit of Malachai,
Solomon risks everything (his soul) to safe Meredeth.