donderdag 8 maart 2012

Better than the plan

It can be a miracle.
As in dreams can come true.

Each wish can be the first step to succes.
Each hope gives glory to life.
Each moment is blessed and part of our destiny.

A plan can be so perfect, but without it, life can become much better.

What is the purpose ?
We only know what we serve and protect if we can focus on our daily missions and see the facts we face.

Running away can be a bad thing.
But running can be the best thing to do.

Asking for money can be begging.
But asking for more can be the road.

Without a plan or without a mission,...
our task is to see that life is great.
Life is all we have.
Love is all we have to give.

But forget the plan.
Plant your love and make it last.

Share time and knowledge.
Give peace and respect more sense.

Never forget that it is your life to live.
Never think that it is the end or a problem.

See the solutions and prove yourself the right way
that being wrong can sometimes be the best thing to do.

Forget the plan.
Forget your fears.
Forget what you need or want.
Just live this moment.
Just live it right and right-now.

Follow your heart ...
Follow the way you want.
Lead yourself into anything.
Or lead yourself in nothing at all.

Just be.
Just see that time is now and it is free.

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