maandag 28 mei 2012

Jacky / Melissa

A Dutch movie with a Dutch twin playing the twin sisters from the Netherlands.
Holly Hunter playing: Jacky/Melissa.

When the sisters get a message from the U.S. after years, they are interested to see who their real mother could be

Carice van Houten and Jelka van Houten are playing the roles of Sophie and Daan, the twin who was raised by two men in the Netherlands.

Daan (Jelka) is not as known for her acting like her famous hollywood actress - sister Carice van Houten, but she seems to have talents in singing.
Both sisters sing along a radio song.
Cuanto le gusta.- (Pasklaar)

The movie-theme-songs : Tryin' and Mother road are 2 perfect songs about the life and situation they are in.

Many songs are written about Route 66 also known as (A.K.A.) Mother Road Mother Road
After the first connection between the sisters and Jacky/Melissa, we see a change in the story.

The introduction shows that the twin is not so focused on a mother, but when they eat, talk and sleep in the same trailer/camper about anything, the three become bonded and closer than expected.
From New Mexico and the White Sands to follow the road to the care-centre where Jacky/Melissa should be treated for her ear-drums and her broken leg.
On the road the three stop and listen to some music in a road-restaurant.
Then Daan shows her skills and talent in singing. After this lovely evening, the girls are attacked in the dark by a few men. Fortunately Jacky/Melissa has a gun and shoots one man from out of her trailer in his foot.

Getting closer and closer, Jacky/Melissa tells the girls about her brother, who she first lied to be dead.
The girls drive her to him.
There they sit around a camp-fire and sing songs and smile about life.
That was the last thing Jacky/Melissa did and ended her life with a letter.
The truth is reveiled and the sisters leave with the pot of ashes.

2160 - Tryin - Jelka van Houten,

When you were gone
the world it thought , that i was wrong
you never knew, what i've been through
trying to keep you.

i never had the best.
i always only got what was last.
and i was always there behind the rest
Tryin Tryin.

Take these arms.
and heaven close more cautiously.
Take this hurt.
and let it stay free.
And take this women, and give her strenght to go on
Tryin, and you know somehow
Eventhough i can't have you now
i'll keep trying anyhow.
 ? lyrics? Tryin' ?

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zaterdag 26 mei 2012

MIB 3 3d IMAX - the secrets of the universe and nothing more!

What is the biggest secret?
Time travelling? Seeing the future?
Knowing more than others?

In this 3rd episode of the Men with black suits and a world full of other life forms on earth, the dynamic duo comes into a dimension bejond expectations!

If this is the last of al MIB's i am gratefull, but if there is more to come i will be amazed again!

Will Smith playing J. Is seriously funny.
The actors behind his partner K. Are also well done and great performed and i can say. I am not an actor, so how difficult was it to make this?
... all these 3d effects and special creatures make this movie a great and entertaining story to watch.
I think without the green-screen it couldn't be made.

The start of the movie is almost as great as the end!
The character Boris is one hell bad creature with some scary but most of all powerfull looks to make this bad character thing be the perfect antagonist for the two heroes.
But two Boris characters can be a bit to much of the evil to make the special secret smart and skilled agents J and K be smart enough to overrule this bad-guy-alien.
That's why griffin comes in!
What a perfect hero with such a perfect talent! An amazing act and edit on the special-effect scenes!

3 d is great, but IMAX IS IT!
MIB in 3d IMAX was great enough to see twice in one weekend!
What will i do on Sunday?
Maybe some time travelling or watching the future and visualise all options?
Maybe forget what i need to know?
I don't know! And ... I don't know what i don't know! But one thing is a fact:
Don't ask questions you don't want to hear the answers on! Or of?
Let the pie speak!
Be in the being, don't ask, don't tell!
Whatever happens and will happen, enjoy the happening while it is happening!

Just see it and know it!

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vrijdag 25 mei 2012

What to expect when you are expecting

Once you feel the love and glory of family-life, nothing gets in the way...
Or at least a couple has to make the best of it and take the rest relax and caring with a smile.
Being pregnant, expecting a girl or boy or twin, it is all in the game!
This way you can see how it feels to be in any possible position - expecting, but giving anything you got to make it succesful.

Putting cute and famous together with a lot of truth and wishful facts about wanting a child and getting the responsibility of parenthood.

As you can see, many thoughts come out emotions,hormons and wishes.

Attitute is a clear state that gives it reason to see how good the experience is during the proces - expecting and hoping!

Much more to tell, but this movie made it into my top ten, not only because of the cast, but also because of the fun in any issue dealt with by all the couples facing the fact- expecting!

Adoption, boy or girl issue, money does not matter and somehow it does!

Faith, Courage, yes i can motivation,
Telling the truth! Anything is in it!

Professionaly we can not be prepared, but as people know, people do, people go and are we able to face the unexpected?

Just watch and learn!
See it and believe it.

I dream of this life!

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vrijdag 11 mei 2012

Religious life

Reading a daily bible text in Dutch can motivate me in spiritual ways to confirm and express my thoughts and experiences in this daily life. How will this joy be understandable if a certain fact is still haunting me?
What is it that makes me over-see the changes and makes me climb a mountain or swim a sea?

Is it just a thought that matters, or is it true that the feeling comes from knowing more or knowing less than others?

If it is better to give than to receive, how come it feels so fine to get what we want and ask for more?

If we can make a difference by changing our selves and thereby our community and environment, than it is wise to know so and do so!

If one can make a difference fisical and menthal, than one can make a big statement and change a lot spiritual.

It is not the Gods that rule this world.
It is us who can rule for peace!

Peace and understanding, that's what it is about!

Do you agree? Or do you agree to disagree?

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woensdag 9 mei 2012

Review about : Bridget Jones, The edge of reason

Bridget is a wonderful character with many psychological issues in her life.
Loving Mark Darcy is her greatest problem. Just because she is so insecure about her own body, her performances, her future and all the things she loves, she thinks about the biggest problems and the smallest defaults in her love life.
Adoring her 6 week relation and wondering about the future, Bridget already thinks about a family life.
She also wonders about greatness, being a lady, being a princess, being pragnent and married with children.
Talking about children is the first big discussion in the relationship between the two. From one moment into the next, Bridget can change into a sceptic person with no trust whatsoever.
Darcy is emotionaly empty and damaged when he talks about children.
Bridget wants a family life and a fairy-tale like any other women of her age.
Being 30 and jaelous on Mark Darcy's beautiful female collegue makes it not easier to become a perfect partner and lover.
The two have great dialogues about life, they talk about their dreams and wishes. What seems to occur is that life expectations are not always the same, but in the end love will always win,..
at least we hope !

Watching this movie is a great journey into the story of a love life of a strange couple.
Simple issues become strong scenes.
Funny moments with dramatic story-lines. Understanding eachother and showing eachother the right emotions is for Bridget not as easy as for most people who are in love.

If Jones wants to be a Darcy, she has to forget her negative emotions and trust the man who loves her with his hart and soul.
Fighting for someone has to come from both sides.

The start of the movie with Bridget jumping from an aero-plane and waiting to open her parachute quite long makes a clear message. Certainly when she lands in a pig-stall and falls on her ass in the shit, while she presents her TV programm with a smile.
We all know, It's not about her image, but about her love life.
Will this women find the peace to feel the comfort of true love?

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)
After finding love, Bridget Jones questions if she really has everything she's dreamed of having.

In the second half of this movie, it is not about Darcy but about her Ex and new collegue Daniel Clever, her profession and a visit to Thailand - Bankok.
Loving Thai cuisine, talking about anything but true love, tripping on some mushrooms and thinking about nothing but glorious sand and being naked as a baby, the movie twists from the one thing into the other.
Clever still feels strong emotions about Jones and tries to seduce her with his strong communicative skills.
Fatal incompatibility or trusting again?
Bridget seems to know what she wants and feels.

Seriously it is a great movie with a big smile, funny story-lines and great dialogues. somehow a bit classic and original in many ways.
Good actors are why this movie made it into my top 100 watchlist.
Maybe even one of the best movies.
The music and absurdities are both unmissable in this episode of the Bridget Jones story.

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