woensdag 22 december 2010


DAY 101 of my journey with the IPad is the day befor the last day of the adventure of the people in the glass-houses in Eindhoven and Brussel.

Watching the radio-stations online or as i do on 2 TV's, i am glad to have the chance to be updated by the facts of the last days and i realy enjoy watching the DJ's/VJ's making a lot of FFFUNNN and Entertainment for Charity.

Serious Request 3FM Radio started the glass-house adventure a few years ago.
Now it has become a succes all over Europe, doing good for charity and fundraising money for projects that realy need a boost of fundamental fundings.

Truth is the only thing that leads us into the right way !@#

So keep up the good work !

Seriously .... GODOGOOD

www.RedCross.org / www.RodeKruis.nl

or go to http://www.2d4u.nl


day 101, after 100 days with my IPAD

Writing stories .... A mission we all have.
Your experiences aren't mine.
Together we can make people aware.
It is more than just a few words.
Making people aware can change life.
Love for life leads us into the right way.
Why think,... when you can act !

Help to find a way to provide structural @#! GODOGOOD.org

After years of training,... it is time to make a change @#!

100 days with my IPad, was a story i did write,....
but didn't publish yet,...

I realy search for a publisher, who is interested to produce the 100 pages booklet.
I have made the Notes in EverNote, 100 pages of information about my experiences with the IPad and other issue's.

A real GODOGOOD International production.

Wishing to create a first production of 5000 booklets,
To sell for 10 Euro each ?

Subscribe for one booklet "100 days with my IPAD" by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler
Pay 10 Euro to ING 1243183 to C.R.E.C.Gabeler in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.
Or become a member at www.GODOGOOD.org & support charity structuraly.

With kind regards,
Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler

zondag 12 december 2010

FILM REVIEW : Narnia*The voyage of the dawn treader.* (drakenschip)

Narnia (by Michael Apted).. Etc.

Based on the books of CS Lewis.

Narnia*The voyage of the dawn treader.* (drakenschip)

For all the brave warriors and great friends !

Theme-song : we can be the kings and queens,... There's a place for us,

20 Century Fox, walden Media.

Fox 2000 pictures

How the 3 kids enter Narnia.

Edmund / Albert ? A king, but not in the real world ?

Time of war?, day 253,.... Investigate legal.... Times are hard,

The Germans make the crossings difficult.

Edmund gets a note from Susan.

Lucy stares at the ship (very Narnian looking) on a painting.

The water moves, Edmund gets histerical and grabs the painting.

The water floaths over the whole room.

The tree enter a new world, the world of Narnia and a ship.

Lucy,Eustaas,Edmund and many more etc. till the end of time.

Caspian and crew on a big ship.,

Rippichheep the rat/mouse, .. Edmund is fainting, talking animals ?

Edmund the just and Lucy the valient, High king and queen of Narnia.

Aslan's sign as a golden wall amulet, a sword, ... A gift from Peter.

The seven Lords of Talma, fled to the lone Islands,... Gone ?

They sail to the East, end of the world ? Aslan's country ?

A sword-fight-duel on the ship to practice and compete,

Eustaah keeps complaining, doesn't feel saved and rescued.

Is he realy related by blod ? Guard something !

Drinian's men, Travios, a strong crew, entering the adventure-land.

They enter a church/castle with clocks, slave-traders ?

A book with signed-out names. They are put in iron and captured,

''someone is gonna pay. For all of you.''

Lord Bern in captivity, the slaves are transported by small boats.

Smoke rises, a sacrifice,..a green mist makes the people disappear,.

Lucy is sold on bidding for 180,

Drinian and Rippertee arrive on time to fight against slavery and save them,....

Lord Bern gives an old Narnian sword, Eustaas gets it,...

Eustaash writes letters and hopes for an English consulat.

Edmund rubs the sword clean and new again,

Gael is found in a basket, after a duel between Eustaash and Rip.

They arrive at an island, Inhabitat land ?

They spend a night on shore.sleeping on the sand.

Lucy is taken by invicible creatures while sleeping,

Brought to a foggy place with a door.

Lucy needs to enter the house of the oppressor,

A door shines, (they can't read) she enters the light,

The crew wakes up and rans for Lucy, Eustaash still sleeping.

An angel in wood, a book and blowing letters into the right place,....

A spell to make her she, the beauty she always wanted to be.

She tears-out a page, hears the voice of Aslan,..

Reads a spell to make the unseen seen,

(now all is visible)

The Duffel dwarfs become visible, a big mansion, a wizard, dust.

Evil, what lies behind the mist, darkground.,

Break the spell in the world of make-believe,

A map, ramandoes island ? Release magical powers,

Seven swords, tests, be strong, don't follow the temptation.

14 days on the ship, rain,storm, missery, at Cortakin,...stuck.

''The sea can play (very) nasty tricks on a crews mind''

Lucy uses the spell of the page she tore out of the book,

In the mirror she sees herself with a beautifull blue flower-dress and lipstick,with Edmund and Peter on a picture, Aslan in the mirror.

''you've wished yourself away''&''don't drown from who you are''

She throws the page into the fire,

The green mist arrives, Edmund feels the mind-tricks.

A second sword, a golden shell,

Edmund fights Caspian for gold or kingdom ?

A spell ? Coriakin's story ?

Eustaash keeps complaining and walks lonely through gold,..

Gold gold gold, he gets paranoid. Takes an armbracelet from a death,

(Lord Octesian)

Vulcanic food,

Edmund and Caspian go search for Eustaash.

A flying fire-dragon atacks the boat.

Little Rippertee cuts the dragons hand.,

In vulcan letters Edmund reads'

I am Eustace

(Eustaash)The dragon spits fire to keep the crew warm.

A wonderfull sky full of stars,...

Rippertee and the Dragon Eustace communicate by campfire-light.

Rip tells a story,

Awakening they all see a blue-star.

the men row, but Eustace the dragon helps them by tearing

The ship to land,

Extraordinary / magnificent (genious).

3 lords paralised, under a spell,

6 knifes on the table,

The white angel LiLiandil enters from the world of stars.

Violent people are send asleep.

The 7th sword is on the darkIsland.

The mouse on the dragon flying to the darkIland.

The ship with King Caspian.smoke/green mist.

Overwhelmed by shadows, Helaine ? The voice of Caspians father,

Edmund hears voices, uses his lantern,

lord Rhoep and the 7th sword,

A sea-monstor, Aslan saves Eustace, the sword enlightens.

Narnians by boats,

Caspian'' i was given a kingdom, i promiss to be a better king !''

(what a magnificent puzzle you are,...)

Know me here, and know me better there !

A sweet goodbye, and until we meet again,

Rip''I know i am hardly worthy, but i would lay down my sword,...

Just to see your country,''


Denzel Washington,... Etc.Chris Pine
Dune entertainment, Scott free, 21 century ...
Stanton Southern Pensylvania.

Dewey makes a mistake., a train without breaks, the 777 train,
A switchpoint, a train without conductor,
A rookie and an oldie (28 years conductor) shifted on the same train,
The wrong side connected ? Just ask when you don't know something.
The new guy has a familyname, but he makes a few mistakes,....
Together they take the small 1206 train,... And talk about life.
One is married but his wife died from cancer and has 2 beautifull daughters working at Hooters, the other has a relation-problem,..
A restraining order,..

Triple 7... (777 train) 39 cargo's in full position ?
An unmanned train with no brakes entering the city,,,
RSC, dispatch, train time? Priority.
A coaster at MP5, Ned goes fast to take the switch. But is to late.
Stop,look and listen.... Children scream at the railway crossing.
A long day,

Dispatch)) Conny Hooper not worrying about her job but the safety, at the central she is trying to get control over the situation.
FRA enters, ... It is all about safety !
The train has already passed the switch. Ned follows the mainline,
A train full of kids switch at a few seconds befor the triple 7 arrives.

Dewey drives with a car on a track next to the train., his colegue trying to jump over, a pole, a car wihout a right-door.
A failed try,.

The 777 train is comming right at the 1206,
The 1206 missing 5 carts because of a mistake of mr Colins.
Molten fenol in divers trains,
A spotter chopper, resticted areas, police support, local authorities
173 railway crossings, a train of half a mile with hazardous cargo.
How to derail it ? While we still can ?

The train drives into a horse-transportation-wagon. The horse escaped at a slide second.
Signal to signal 2500 feet ?
A 100 milion dollar thread, 30~40 % stockloss thread,....
80 mainline is a thread for lifes, a strategy ? Authorisation ?
A 7375 train AWVR employee, an evacuation > highly flamable !
A runawaytrain in front ? Attempt to stop the 777 train !
3 choppers, 2 firedepartmentwagons, police squad support,
7346 locomotive on the breaks,
A soldier on the train drops through a window, hangs on a line at a chopper,... It is going to fast,
The 7375 crashes, derails and explodes,....

1206 passing 52, >>>> 5000 horses, and give her all you got.
The 777 passed 47,... <<<<<<
,>< Arklow ? Evacuation of the people.
Just on time before a crash ? Derailing ?
Stop it by the power, grab it by the tail.
The chance that the 777 gets to Stanton is very high,....
The 1206 goes backwards to grab a tail,
30.000 gallons of toxic chemicals and derailing ?
Conny makes some calls to check the authorities about derailing !
Frank is right to drive backwards to make a break on the 777 train.
Derailing is worthless.
Longhood leanback will make it possible to make a break on it.
Stop pursuit, 72 earlier retirement for Frank or loosing a job ,.....
location and speed ? >..< 9 miles catching up.

A restraining order,...
One day everything is oke, the next everything falls apart.

Troopers at 2,1 mile from Arklow,.
A safetyswitch next to a fuel tank.
No can't do,
Soab won't even know what hit it ?
The trackblock is not effective.
The AVR trains pass Arklow and enter Stanton...
One in highspeed, the other in higher speed in reverse.
Dynamic break and tracktforce ?
Catch up, hook up, break, (run in reverse>>>)>
Will goes to the back, (undressed his yellow jacket !)
Will Colson falls during clicking the pin, he hangs and struggles,
Connection is made, succesfully attached, Conductor injured.
A curve follows in Stanton, slowing down ? The same speed ?
Frank needs to get the train back from 50 to 20.
Don't get sentimental, makes me think i am gonna die,

Darcy watches it all on TV and becomes emotional, tried to call, ....

One of the worst disasters in Pensylvania ? Based on a true story !

Frank goes to the front of the train,....
manualy breaking each car/cargo.....
Walks on top of the fast train, 34, 33,...
1206 loses the breaks.....
A bridge,..
Engine blocks overheated,...
Handbreaks ?
Fuel storage tanks ?
Will pulls the independent (break)
Cargo drops from the train, but the train gets back on track,....
Through the Stanton curve,...
Frank Barnes is walking on Prixton Chemicals trains,...
The train is going faster and faster,....
Ned saves Will by driving synchronise next to the train,
Will jumps on the train again,,,, into the CAB, no breaks ?~#@
Will stops the train manualy.

donderdag 2 december 2010

FILMS & FFFUNNN - film reviews, written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler - GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONS.-(Break ke Baad) Love, Friend Romance Movie)

Break ke Baad (short interruption)



2 beautifull young people, a friendship of 10 years, then 10 years of love relation, then, suddenly... a break ?
Aliyaa decideds to go to Australia to find herself.
Gelati, her boyfriend is feeling pain, bur let's her go,....
She studies, does some theatre. Meets friends, drinks and parties.
he works for his dad, is serious in business, but more serious in his love for her.
After a sudden visit to Australia, he decides to stay to convince her.
She stays stuborn, follows her dreams and becomes an actres.
He works for his money, as a cab driver, selling his famous indian Food, what leads him to become a restaurant owner in Australia.
after one more year and counting, he has 2,5 restaurants, but still feels emptyness and lonliness. He decides to put up a play, makes Aliyaa feel the pain by not answering the calls, while he made the appearance to go and marry, but with who ?

Break ke - film reviews, written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler - GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONS.-(Break ke Baad) Love, Friend Romance Movie) FILMS FFFUNNN

FILMS & FFFUNNN - film reviews, written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler - GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONS.-(Burried) Crime Drama Movie)



The movie starts with almost 60 seconds black screen and noise, a bad breathing person in a box buried under the ground in Irak.

With a mobile phone, the driver Paul tries to connect to the 911, FBI, statedepartment foreign affairs,his wife Linda and son Shan.. None of them appear in the movie, only a college with a video made on a mobile is shown, He searches the box with a zippo, reads a note and makes a video with the mobile, Paul stresses out and takes some pils with the alcohol bottle he carried with him, after bombs fall the box gets fuller with sand, the light gets worse and the conversations get hecktick,.... Finally a light appears, .. But it ends with a sorry.

FILMS & FFFUNNN - film reviews, written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler - GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONS.-(Guzaarish) Drama Romance Magical Movie)



A disabled magician Ethan (Merlin) and his friends....
Fight for the free right to choose for Euthanasie.
A love story and tragedie, many wonderfull songs.

smile,... The opening song ,... And what a wonderfull world,
While his mother died, he was tortured by a drop of water,
Not able to move feet, legs, arms or hands,... He is supported by
sophie, who becomes his wife after 12 years of care and nursing.
A final party to end his life.


FILMS & FFFUNNN - film reviews, written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler - GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONS.-(The Next Three Days) Crime Drama Romance Movie)

FILMS & FFFUNNN - film reviews, written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler - GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONS. - (The Next Three Days)

Crime Drama Romance Movie)

i'll promise you,.... this will not be your life !
What if, your wife is innocent, but is caught for murder.
Suddenly the national guard is bursting the front door.
Many different stories, but proof of a blodstain on a jacket and fingerprints on a fireblusser lead to the status guilty,...
The jacket and button is lost moment ? If she is innocent ?

The mother/wife in prison, the man and his son alone. A teacher on school.
A loving father, .... Getting punched for looking for a new identity,
A deaf motor driver, 1000 dollars in front and pictures.
What if an escape is the only way out ?
New passports, socialnumbers, a gun,... Enough money ?
Research and preparation stadium, the escape plan and scheme !
Stealing money from, a drugdealer, a dead body left at a busstation.
A 15 minutes border befor blocked roads and bridges, 35 minutes focus for ID exposure and bordercontrols on traveling at roads.
A plan to make it work ! A long period of training and gaining the right info,attitude and material to free your wife.
A birthday party ending in the Pitsburg Zoo ?
Quatres from Canada, an escape to Venezuela ?
How can one proof unguilty ?
The escaping moment, a hospital, the roadblocks, trainstation, older people travelling with, to pass a border, road block.
The airport ? Detector of metal and the boy holding the coins.
The tension to bare, a shocking moment, an attempt to kill herself, a driving door opening panic attack.
(the crowd was clapping afterwards).
How a man gets his wife out of prison and escapes with son.
Bijlage bevat de notitie en bijbehorende objecten



Russell Crowe plays in these blood exciting new thriller by Paul Haggis (Crash) the role of teacher John Brennan. John is happily married to Lara (Elizabeth Banks) and they have a cute son. Then the police their house and Lara was arrested as a suspect of a gruesome murder. If her innocence after three years is still not proven, it is John's time to take action themselves ...

When Lara is in jail, is John's life upside down. He now only raise his son Luke, teaching school and fight for the release of his wife. When the final appeal is dismissed Lara, she is desperate. John also sees no possibilities to prove her innocence. There is only one way left to him: herself outbreak. Realizing that he taught no idea what it takes to plan such a crazy complex to implement, it switches attention. Damon (Liam Neeson), a convict who once escaped from prison, the man who tells him exactly what he needs to know.

John bulk of its opinions are eagerly diving into an unknown and dangerous world that he risks everything he has for the woman he loves back.

The Next Three Days film reviews, written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler