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21:00 De Munt zaal 11 : Harry Brown (Sneak Preview)
When people don't dare to walk over the steets and pass the criminal youth because they block and terorise the whole city/village/neighbourhood, it is time to take a stand.
A bit heroic but mostly smart and sensible, sometimes it is not so easy to stop the Youth from drugs,guns and criminality and violence.
Harry takes a true revenge when his chesspal is stabbed to dead in a tunnel, He remembers his veteran history and takes out a few drugsdealers. A great story with a super seriously happy end, dare to live in peace and walk over the streets.
It gives a great view on how terorising youth are and how to deal with such issues.
> how to deal with terrorists
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17:30 De Munt zaal 10 : Millenium 2 ( de Vrouw die met vuur speelde...)
A perfect second episod of a hacking lady with style, who searches criminals and tempts for revenge.
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is the first book in a trilogy written by Stieg Larsson
The end is misty, bloody and happy, Millenium 3 will follow !
March 2010 ?
Research, using laptops and security systems.
Recording evidence.
A fine tuned statement for people who have been tortured,manipulated and unhumanly treated. Revenge is possible !

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15:00 De Munt zaal 6 : Triangle
Between scisofrenic life, unaware coincidences, deja vu's and trinity.
An aspect what happend before, makes you react differently, makes us anticipate on knowledge we had and have,....
Emotional spectacular, a messy bloody tour/trip.
Why a women forgets, reacts trangely and gets opset about things that happened, are happening and will happen.
How would you react if you see yourself kill everybody on the ship you think is the problem of the whole situation.
A bit strange, unrealistic and overdone, but well way of thinking it all trough and putting it in perspective from a vicious circle.
Between good and bad ?
see also PERSPECTIVES >>

12:00 De Munt zaal 7 : A Serious man
How many questions? what happens....
A Jewish family in the USA with many issues.
A father who doesn't know how to solve his problems.
If a women wants to get a get....
Rituals, Religion, Reality and Reasons ore not ?
Let it go, let it flow, live life, try to be good !
Sometimes funny, Sometimes just the way it is.
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Special press release.
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10:00 Tushinski zaal 6 : From Paris with love
Strong amusement and fun aspects.
Super cool and rightious John, a rescue worth seeing.
Delegated people are special but not always kind.
National / International issue, a hero needs to do what he does best.

1. appearance to the eye or mind; look: the physical aspect of the country.
2. nature; quality; character: the superficial aspect of the situation.
3. a way in which a thing may be viewed or regarded; interpretation; view: both aspects of a decision.
4. part; feature; phase: That is the aspect of the problem that interests me most.
5. facial expression; countenance: He wore an aspect of gloom. Hers was an aspect of happy optimism.
6. bearing; air; mien: warlike in aspect.
7. view commanded; exposure: The house has a southern aspect.
8. the side or surface facing a given direction: the dorsal aspect of a fish; the northern aspect of the house.
9. Grammar. a. a category or interrelated set of categories for which the verb is inflected in some languages, typically to indicate the duration, repetition, completion, or quality of the action or state denoted by the verb.
b. a set of syntactic devices, as in the English perfect with have in I have gone, with functions similar to such inflections.
c. any of the members or instances of these categories or sets: the Latin perfect aspect; the Russian imperfect aspect.
d. the meaning of, or meaning typical of, such a category or construction.
e. such categories or constructions, or their meanings collectively.

10. Astrology. a. the angular distance between two points as seen from the earth, primarily derived by dividing the 360 degrees of the zodiac by the integers 1 through 12.
b. the influence of any two planets or groups of planets located at such points.

11. Archaic. a look; glance.

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