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Dear John FILM REVIEW 12 March 2010 (GODOGOOD)

14:50 De Munt zaal 10 : Dear John
( 2 MOVIES THIS WEEK WITH Amanda Seyfried) Chloë & Dear John )

Momentum pictures,....
Relativity Media
Temple hill,
I am a coin from 1980,....
The moon is never bigger than your thumb.

Making your own fire. SF John,
Savannah, Tim, the boy Allen,
Father Tyree and coincollection story,
Somewhere nice/good. Steve an old buddy.
A house for charity, .... Savannah a girl without faults ?
The part that changed John in war.
A kiss in the rain,
Scene's on the beach,Surfing, Savanna playing guitar, falling in love.
Conversations in tender settings.

School versus war, back for good ? 1 year leap.
John gets upset in a conversation about autism (the angry green barret) hits 3 guys within 10 seconds.
2 weeks, the first note,... 1 year apart. 1 promise, write it all.
No local post, no email, only airmail. Restricted info,
Mailbox 232 Savannah smiles, letter nr 8 about horses and Allen,
Summercamp for autistic kids ?
Letter 33: somewhere new.
Wondering where you may be,... Tonight you're with me.
Lasagna sunday between Savana and John's dad.
(the coin collector) 1978 Jefferson story,
7 year old John buying an ice-cream.
The 4000 dollar Mule coin, keep it, from son to son !
A father obsessed on collecting coins, a fridge that doesn't work.
John in Tigris, the 911 news on tv.
Where you go i go, where we go, we all go !
Meatloaf saturday Dad Tyree in suit, freaks out on the way to Savannah's parents (family Curtis).
Tim and John about Allen not knowing where his mother is.
Tell the truth,(no 15 years waiting like John did)
2 years more SF ? A love scene body to body kissing and a tear in the eyes, on the airport, Pops take care ! Nothing changes between the lovers,... Unanimous.
John get's a letter, 2 hours blanc page/ 2 months blanc !
Burns all his letters.
John/ Seargent Tyree shot and in hospital in Germany.
Commando Troopers (War) Camp Base Quatar > Sended home to the states,
Father hospitalised, .... John lonely,
The letter to his dad, (as in the introduction), with a tear.
A relation between Savannah an Tim(having cancer).
Savannah and John talking, the first letter, messing a glass,
Changing shirt.

I'll See you soon ? / Goodbye Savannah,
The coin collection sold totally except 1 coin (the first)
A donation from an anonimous donator for Tim (more time)
A letter from Savannah, i know.... I don't have the right to know where you are, but see you soon,....
Embracement. (end good all good)

Cast overview
Channing Tatum ... John Tyree
Amanda Seyfried ... Savannah Curtis
Richard Jenkins ... Mr. Tyree
Henry Thomas ... Tim Wheddon
D.J. Cotrona ... Noodles
Cullen Moss ... Rooster (Dan Rooney)
Gavin McCulley ... Starks
Jose Lucena Jr. ... Berry
Keith Robinson ... Captain Stone

written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler

Natural born storytellers
Street dance 3d

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