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Pathe Tuschinski Zaal 2 Letters To Juliet 2010-06-18 12:00

Letters too Juliet, Amanda Siegfried
What if you have the courage to love(Sophie) and .... How to deal with facts.
Fact checker in NYC, Robert Beal, a kiss, Has true love an experiation date ?
Together with her friend Victor the new pasta inventor and Verona Italy, wines and cheeses, vinegars etc.
Truffels/Mushrooms versus sightseeing, split up. Sophie and a basket of letters. Following leads to new friends.
Trattoria desert. Incredible !
Angelina's secrets for Victor.
Writing letters for people who send letters in the local wall. An old letter (1997!?) in the wall of over more than ten years ago. 50 years elapsed ? Answering the letter.
Victor goes to Livorno to a winery.
Claire and her grandson Charles / Charly Wyman/from London arrive to visit the writer,
I actually have the perfect place....
A dinner, ... Talk about to find Lorenzo ?
Lorenzo Bartolinni but where and which?
Remembering her long lost soulmate, dirt of sand,Rain,fresh water, smells of sweat
Ring a doorbell/ Knock the door ....
Start knocking on every door ? 74 chances.
The proces of elimination,
Sophie in SIENA, Writing the story....
Charming, funny, shocking situations.
Beautifull country. A rich man.
Could have been and happy in one sentence. A bottle of Pappazzo.
A good feeling, driving around the country. Not the ones,.... Not done yet.
Tension between Isabelle and Charly.
Not a factchecker but a writer !
Ice cream fight.
The next day, a dead Lorenzo,....
Knowing a thing about real loss.
A toast to all our loved ones, wherever they may be.
Never doubt i love !
Romance, Sofie in front of the car.
Caparzo, a goodbye toast ?
The 15 year old Claire ?
Unspoken love? Speak soon....
The New Yorker'The article gets published.
Victor didn't read the printout.
Sophie: Let me get this out
I love who you are, but i have changed.
Claire and Lorenzo marry.

Pathe de Munt Zaal 1 The Back-Up Plan, 2010-06-18 14:30

The Back-Up Plan. J.Lo *
afraid he might not stay.
intro animation, colourfull, nice tune.
CRM1014 AI. Thoughts about pedicure.
Raining but smiling, NYC cab, sharing ? Taxi 8JFR drives away. Subway,...
A penny and only if it heads for somebody's luck.
Single mothers and proud,.... Funny chats.
Stan on the market, Taste of cheese; reprashed....
Wanna be with anybody?
Interactive base of energy, dogs life, stable or unstable, interest ?
Gray's Papaya, a meal together.
Walking home, the best kiss '?
A coin to flip and a have to go.
Nutsy the dog with wheels on backlegs.
A pregnancy test, a minute,
a dress, a tag, a .... You're not that special, dinner for two in a park surprise. (Piza).
Story from stockmarket to petstore.
Another dress and another date.
Pregnant and happy story ?
Little goat farn, milk and making cheese,
an accident with car,
AI and how to tell Stan.
What is the next step for.... The future.
Or live the moment? Holding thoughts.
not telling the truth is lying in some peoples perspective.
Being embarished to tell,
going separate ways.
A little bit of luck, two heartbeats.
Bargan a possy ?/ready for life ?
Between all day every day, awfull and incredible happens, it is all worthwhile.
Other people's shit ? Poohpooh joke.
TZ3369 taxi and talk, stay. Here we go.
Dressing pregnant. 8T29 problems to enter door with belly. What to expect ?
A pillow, Sorry not tonight scene.
custom work twinwheels, nightschool,
Zoey,s story, watching pictures.
SMAP and delivery, terifying, a birth with a shocking sight.
If you don't go i'll go.
Noone to blame but yourself.
He said,thinks,feels, ....
What choice to make?
Everything makes sense, it is gonna be oke. A twin is born.

Pathe de Munt Zaal 4 She's Out of My League 2010-06-18 16:20

She,s out of my leage
PIA, Pitsburgh International Airport,....
Kirk Kettner meets Molly McCleish and Iphone, TSA Kirk employee takes the call,....
Next night, full of possiblities.
On a artyParty in the warhol Devon meets Patty. A small accident,...
Ex girlfriend goes with new boyfriend and Kirks parents to Branson.
A night of romance and hockey ?
Molly asks Kirky out. A brainteaser ?
A dinner, awkward meet with Cam the ex.(foot long)
Molly and Kirk communicate, chitchat,
She kissed him....
Molly meets the family,....
Kirky beats Dylan with hockey in the garage.
Molly's appartement, the dog named Captain Pickles, a love scene, parents arrive,. Embarrashment. Oopsadaysie !
The tao of love ? ALL IT TAKES IS ONE.
Stand Up and say here i am.
Telling truth, trust the system, it takes care of itself.
She's so high above me.
Shave scene. (women laugh in cinema's).
Katie's 21st birthday party.
Adult Education'the band'
It's time for you to dance with me.
Cam tells Kirk that Molly has defects.
Mayor selfesteem issues ?
5000 Penn Avenue, deduct or pedistal ?
Kirky back with Marnie ?
Branson Bound shirts !? Wannabe !?
Not good enough or.....
See you later.
Wendell (Stainer) talks to Tina about being good enough for; enters plane, calls Patty to make things right.
Kirk makes a scene in the plane. No exit.
Molly if you want him, you got to go abd get him.
TSA tricks to delay airplane,airport scene.
Molly and Kirk kiss.
Kirk learned how to fly !

Pathe de Munt Zaal 9 The A-Team, 2010-06-18 19:00

The A Team, the value of a name.
fellow rangers, how random it appears, there is still a plan ! Clean records ?
B.A. Meets Hanibal, rescueing Face.
Crazy Murdock escapes from hospital, also a ranger, the best chopperflyer. Escape from militarian base.
8 year and 80 succeeded missions later.
A mission in Baghdad, ready to go downtown, plates worth billion dollards.
Black forest kills General, A Team becomes outlaws. Alpha Unit dishonoraly discharged, a disgrace.
6 months later, Cctv cam, searching for Pike (the murderer)
a plan to escape, stay beautifull, the best and brightest,...
Stealing a plane, flying a tank,.... Nice shot down.
CIA Germany office,.DOD call from Chlarissa, Lynch doesn't care if she's GOD or whatever.
@ The truth is worth the risk.
Ff Konigsbank. Morrisson, the death General, an Arab ? A lyer
CIA Lynch corrupt bombing..
Authorised Amnesty ?
a deal with Chlarissa DOD ?
Murdock speaks Swahili. B.A and M.G.
Port of L.A. One step ahead ?
'distraction,diversion, devision, distortion,devidation, time to go pro. Fireworks and explosions. On display for the whole world to see.
Agent Burress caught, case closed ?
The system effects against the A team.

Pathe de Munt Zaal 2 Killers 2010-06-18 21:40

Killers, Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl*
Jen in a plane with parents, Spencer in a red ferrari, NICE France.
A hotel. The 2 people meet, a spy/killer and nice girl with fears and feelings.
Blowing up a helicopter,....(last mission)
Spencer walking away from his killer job.
Jen's father (Plays Magnum) and Spencer having dinner.A surprise party, ....
After 2 years,...Spencer is asked to go back to France,Nice ? Now working for Aimes, new friends, neighbours, a fight, hitmen, ....
A pregnancy test. Neighbourhood party.
Love, family,friends,neighbours and complications, 20milion reward on Spencers head, .... Stealing a car, shooting the asassinators, Jen's father and Spencer need to stop using guns and killing people, etc.
The baby safe and secured by the top militarian.

A vacationing woman meets her ideal man, leading to a swift marriage. Back at home, however, their idyllic life is upset when they discover their neighbors could be assassins who have been contracted to kill the couple.

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