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FILM REVIEWS by Stijn Gabeler;

Toy Story 3;
Toy Story 3 is a great follow-up on the last 2 chapters.
Director: Lee Unkrich and many Writers,voices and did create an amazing wonderfull film ....
This movie has a real chance to become the First Animated Film to win Best Picture
I did see the dutch version, not 3d, maybe i will see the English version in 3d soon.
The toys get a great adventure when their owner Andy becomes 17 and is to old to play with toys,.... Will one of the toys go with Andy to the University ?

Tom Hanks ... Woody (voice)

Tim Allen ... Buzz Lightyear (voice)

Joan Cusack ... Jessie (voice)

Ned Beatty ... Lotso (voice)
and many more.. see IMDB

produced by THE "Aamir Khan Productions"
Peepli Live;
A Bollywood film about the urge to live or the stress of poverty and the effects on the politic mass-media and an extreme outcome of a man who decides to tell the world he wants to commit suicide.
Natha is forced by his family to tell the world he will commit suicide,.... This might be a solution to the poverty they live in. The rule is that people who die on suicide their family will get about a 100.000 indian ...
on IMDB compared with one of the greatest satires.

The danish dog with a talent,loving character and a beautifull way of making friendships with the dogs in California. A surf competition, the mystery of love and fun. The dogs dancing, stunts and much fun.
In the dog-park one bad dog rules the total dog clan, only Marmaduke the new dog in town can do something about this hirarchy. Carlos the cat his buddy supports him to become the coolest dog in California, he becomes friends with Mazy,Giuseppe,Raisin and falls in love with the Lassie dog Jezebel. But Mazy the lovely dog is also a bit in love with Marmaduke. Who will Marmaduke choose ?

The Joneses;
A couple of 4 people, selected by a commercial organisation to promote products, to set them-selves in the market as a unit, living the American Dream ? Can Business is Business become love and friendship ? Demy Moore plays a wonderfull act in this masterpiece on how redicioulous the world lives in a over-consuming and fixated life full of toys,luxiouriousities and expensive things people want,wish,dream of, live for and are willing to die for.
David Duchovny ... Steve Jones plays the serious,lovely,gently and sensitive salesman/husband.
He realizes that it is not all perfect to be a UNIT, showing a perfect life-styl full of American consumerism and making his neighbour feel the art or stress of "keeping up with the Joneses."
"Keeping up with the Joneses" is a catchphrase in many parts of the English-speaking world referring to the comparison to one's neighbour as a benchmark for social caste or the accumulation of material goods

Predators 2010;
Dropped out of a plane in a world of Predators, a forest full of dangers, hunted by systematic-beastly-predators full of hightech tricks. voice-copy; invisibility, magnetic-electrifying shots; ....
The team is selected to face the Predators; maybe just because they are all individual predators and killers.
A follow-up on the previous Predator. sequel to the first two Predators films!
Alice Braga ... Isabelle the only women in the team plays a serious woman with well trained body and brains to kill and protect the team.
Not every team-member is to be trusted.
The crew wakes up with no memory & a wonderfull story !

Jay Roach and team made a wonderfull movie about being talented or being a geek !?
Dinner for Smucks (Sneak Preview)
Steve Carell ... Barry & Paul Rudd ... Tim become friends after a small accident.
Barry who collects dead mice and makes a whole world of mystery and magic with these dead animals by creating pupets with cloathes are the base of a wonderfull talent of being a good friend by dreaming and living life without worries.
Tim a serious business-man in NYC lives for Julie (Stephanie Szostak)
By many misunderstandings too dumb to be funny the couple gets separated, jealousy leads them into many situations and lots of slapstick moments make this movie enjoyable, i really laughed ! but not about stupidity but because of the superiority of simple glorious moments and the way EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON is interpretated.

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