zaterdag 12 november 2011

Wireless keyboard from Apple does not work with scrolling

If someone knows a way to scroll with the arrow-buttons with the blue-tooth wireless keyboard on an Ipad or Iphone please tell us!

Apple made a product that is more compatible with a Nokia phone than with their own products.
The Iphone 4s has many possibilities, but it misses a button on the outside which enables to make a picture within a second.
It is also faster on a Nokia device to upload these pictures to Facebook.
How can it be?

Apple doesn't support Flash,...

Apple has a strong problem with other providers in the telecom-industry.
Because of their strong lead in the market they don't consider to make the products more customer-driven.
Who leads the innovations now Steve Jobs is in heaven and we are waiting for changes in hardware or software updates to make our devices work the way they really should.

Why is the wireless keyboard made by Apple working better on a Nokia N8 than on the Iphone ?
Why can't we scroll pages?
Why can't we zoom-in or zoom-out?
Why can't we make screen-captures?

How is it possible that i can make a picture on remote with a Nokia phone but not with the bluetooth keyboard on a I Phone 4s ?

I tested this, searched on the internet, googled and googled, i prayed to heaven and asked some more people to understand this problem, ...

Now i just hope that APPLE will read this blog and help us all out this problem, because scrolling on your mobile phone is essential, especcially when you are in a train reading some articles on the web or enjoying pictures and other blogs and wish to zoom the page and read the article you are focused on!


With love and respect,
Stijn Gabeler
Alkmaar - The Netherlands - Europe

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