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20:45 zaal 3 Tushinski Pathé : Un Prophet
3 hours of knowledge about power, manipulations, stress and the life in a prison.
Not like prison-break (probably less fixated on entertainment)
The Arab who makes a way through life in prison, kills for his own protection ?
Why he is in prision is for me a question unsolved, but i will see this movie in the future more often !
impressingly, amazing how someone can have so much power when one is already in prison.
Some say it is the best movie ever, but i think it is in my top 10.
It open's up eyes. You can't imagine how difficult it can be in prison.
unfortunately i missed the first 2 or 3 minutes, but i am glad i've seen the movie.
read more about the story in reviews online >
Nominated for Oscar. Another 8 wins & 13 nominations

19:15 zaal 8 de Munt Pathé : The spy nextdoor
a really funny movie with a lot of nice jokes.
As a vegetarian i can say it was shocking to laugh about to see a pig eat bacon.
The kids play very well,

16:40 zaal 8 de Munt Pathé : The Box
1976 Virginia
Norma & her husband Arthur Lewis and her son Walter live in Virginia U.S.A.
Don't ever push a button without knowing the concequences !
great effects, especcially when the water drops on the bed ! AQUA EFFECT !
Scarry / Alfred Hichcock kind of movie,
People getting blood-noses and hypnosed by a system.
Once you have chosen to kill someone, you will be chosen in the future to suffer a great deal of pain and suffering.
Arlington Steward a CHARACTER without a concience and a strange character with an indecent proposal,.... Push a button, CONCEQUENCE : kill someone you don't know.... and get BRIBERY MONEY ???? AN AMOUNT1.000.000 dollard,.... But every action has it's concequences. you can't go back, safe your loved once !
The 1 toed foot of Norma (Cameron Diaz) and the half face (Alrington Steward = Frank Langella) are symbols of identity crisis, selfesteem... and emotional values wich make the characters live stronger and get a higher state of simple sense of seriousness and feelings of mystic and magic. Mindfullness, emotional, shocking, love and about after life.
Terror ? feeling sorry for chosen choices. having regrets or none.
Save us all by not pushing buttons ....
Just see it to believe it,.... Master piece with beautifull Cameron Diaz.
More about Cameron Diaz on :

14:10 zaal 1 de Munt Pathé : Astro boy
imagi studios Kristen Bell.... Nicolas Cage
Robots, klusjes, Toby en Dokter Tennema?(vader)
Toetsen 100%,een eigen O.RRIN robot, vader als hologram in auto
The peacekeeper, Ministerie van wetenschap,....
D class interceptor verouderd?
Kernenergie, lichtjaren, kleine deeltjes in MetroCity en op oppervlakte /sorthoop van oude robots / vuilnisbak.
Dromer, geniaal of gevaarlijke gek.
Negatieve rode energie, neutraliseren ?
Als een robot andere robots hun controle overneemt om alle robots te vernietigen en de mensheid in gevaar brengt,
Waar is Toby de jongen/man die de klus mag en kan oplossen? Verdwenen in het niets?
Een robot replica door genetische upload dankzij de wetenschappelijke meester en vader van Toby uit een haar van Toby.
3-dimensionaal rekenen, - maal - is altijd plus....
Descartes, socrates? leonardi d'avinci
Een copy van toby: gemaakt uit blauwe kern energie en haar van Toby: Astro boy: verstaat andere robots, kan vliegen met vuur uit voeten, word verstoten door maker/vader?!
Vrienden/ sukkelaars van de oppervlakte: witje....
Robotski, mike de koelkast, kamaraden,,,, vrije robots.
RRF (Robot Revolutie Federatie) en robots regels, de robot wetten, ....
Naam voor Toby : Astro (mission Forwards and Up)
Undercover van Metro City
Spelen met vuilnisbakkie de robothond.
Brengt Z.O.G. Weer tot leven.
Helpt en red Cora.
Mr squeegee and Mr Squirt
When red and blue come together....

12:00 zaal 2 Tushinski : A single man.
Serious emotions, unlogic lifestyle, sofisticated actions.
Gay and depressed, socialy disordered, living in the past.
George since 1938 L.A.
Fade to black presents > COLOUR EFFECTS / BLACK AND WHITE
16 years with Jim.(no scènes ONLY FLASHBACKS)
Friday 30 november 1962 car in snow upsitedown, man with blod on head, dead. Man 2 kisses on mouth the dead man,. Waking up
8 months of hell. I know now what part i am supposed to play !
Used mescaline and shaved of eyebrows.
Buys bullets for2.29 $ and smokes sigarettes with A spanish model.
This is kind of a serious day for me !
The dumbest creatures are always the happiest, just look at your mother.
Chilling with his charming neighbour Charlotte / Charley and dancing on great music. Morbido or libido ?
George and Jim or a real realationship? A substititude ?
Remember, i have all the answers.
Scotch and Luckey Strikes,
Mr Potter, apreciated little gift, Your class is great.
Quoted Huxley, experience is not what happens to a man.
It's what a man does with the experience that happens to this man.
I realize that everything is exactly the way it is ment to be!
And just like that, it came.... ???? Died on drinking/drugs

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