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What is a cold sore?

Cold sore, known medically as herpes labialis are very common and are easily recognised because they often appear as blisters around the lips and mouth.

They pop up in response to a viral infection.They are often uncomfortable and can make some people feel very self-conscious.

info on : well
Bin the junk and cram in the healthy stuff. Eat a balanced, varied diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
watch out on holidays
Take sun cream and sun block for the lips (to help moisturise and protect against U.V.) when you’re heading for the beach or the slopes.
keep it clean
Wash face twice a day with a mild soap and wash hands thoroughly after touching or treating a cold sore.
be careful
When you’re washing your face or applying make up, don’t spread the infection from your lips to your eyes – and watch out if you use contact lenses too. Don’t ever use saliva to wet your lenses!
get some sleep!
Stack up on the ZZZZs when you can, it boosts your immune system.
keep living your life!
Although cold sores may be painful they don't last forever and they're not life threatening.
cover up
Cosmetic concealing sticks (ideally with a sunblock) are really effective. But remember, if you use one, don't share it and don’t reuse it after the cold sore’s gone.
slather on the Zovirax
Not only does it keep your cold sore moisturised, the antiviral ingredient can stop the virus reproducing and helps it clear up faster.
ask for advice
It is always wise to check with your pharmacist before putting anything on cold sores, as some things can just make them worse.
take care of your lips
Any type of damage to your lips can make you more vulnerable to a cold sore.
keep out of cold winds
Wrap up well – wind-burn can also damage your lips or face and make it easy for a cold sore to take hold.

Things like towels, glasses or plates shouldn’t be shared. These can all spread the virus through contact with your saliva.
Kissing’s off the agenda or you’re very likely to pass on the virus. Be really careful around anyone who’s ill, pregnant or has eczema.
fool around
Be careful when you have sex - if you kiss your partner, they could get a cold sore too. As for oral sex, don’t do it. If the cold sore hasn’t healed completely, you could give your partner genital herpes.

Get a tan, get a cold sore
Turns out that strong sunlight or ultraviolet (UV) light can trigger cold sores. Seems that not even the boffins can really explain why, but lips are exposed and have a relatively thin covering of skin - so next time you're out in the sun, take extra care.

Weather it well
Winter can be the worst time of year for cold sores, probably something to do with the cold (hence the name). Wrap up well, and try to avoid that chilly wind-burn on lips or areas you’re prone to an attack.

Bit of a no-brainer this one. No one exactly knows why but when you're stressed out, the virus takes advantage and piles on the agony.

Party on, party's off
Talk about a party pooper. The less kip you get, the greater chance for the herpes simplex virus to put in an appearance. That's because lack of sleep affects your immune system.

Got a cold? Get a cold sore
It's pretty obvious really but if you're run down with a cold or flu or other infection, it's the perfect cue for that nasty old herpes simplex virus to pop up its ugly head. Seems that if you get eczema, you can also get cold sores more frequently.

Periods, what a pain
Guess what? The cold sore virus can spring into action around your monthly periods. At least you can be ready for it.

If you ever bump them, burn them or bash them, have you noticed what can happen to your lips? Damage aggravates your immune system and hey presto, a cold sore appears.

That blue line's like a green light for cold sores. Whether you feel blooming marvellous or blooming terrible, all those changes and stresses are a great opening for the herpes simplex virus. (Zovirax Cold Sore Cream is not recommended for use in pregnancy).

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