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The switch-movie.com trailer
Eat Pray Love***

Grown Ups.
11:00 Munt zaal 11. 21 September 2010
The cheater,the beater,the eater. (Mr Feder)
A wife with a Milan cloathing company, 2 spoiled sons, a daughter with an imagination : a Navy and the road to heaven ?
When the families reunite after a ceremony of their death basketbalcoach of team 78, they stay together as best friends with wifes and children in a lakehouse, go to waterworld and enjoy the fun of the normal peoples life.
With many jokes, selfspot and making fun of eachother, this movie is a perfect start of my day.
The characters are all great, wonderful identities, winning isn't everyrhing, a mobile phone isn't everything, simple things in life are worth gold, hylaric situations, arrow roulette, kids with an attitude change into aware and passionat people. Helping friends, jokes about drinking milk when your 48months or a relation between an older women and ...
Family life, marriage and lies ? A nanny, 3 daughters entrance. Drinking alcohol and eating burgers, ... . A real American comedy !
Hollywood with style and class,

Sneak Preview, zaal 11: 21:00 de Munt.
A new daughter,....
John James (Kevin Costner)

Acteurs: Ivana Baquero, Kevin Costner ,Samantha Mathis
Schrijvers: John Connolly ,John Travis
Regiseurs: Louiso Berdejo
Producenten /Distribiteurs: RCV Entertainment
Genre : Horror ,Thriller
premiere: 07-10-2010
duur: 108 minuten
A new house, a lot of changes,
The father and his son and daughter move into a town.
his exwife Isabelle didn't want the familylife.
A strange house, the cat dies strangely, eaten by animal ?
Louisa changed, scarry, a vodoo doll,
Root around, search on web
Mound,scientists, ....
Bijlage bevat de notitie en bijbehorende objecten

Splice (responsible to end it ?)
When science from all right stadium becomes not allright or even wrong.... Cloning, human tissue and proteins for a cure ?
An early birth, empty shell.
Clive and Elsa meet # it's alive #
Ether sedainted, research, self defence mechanism, human elements.
lungs, tumors, autopsie Or keep alife ? Can you kill a life you created.
Life cycle, opportunaty, dying,
H-50 chlorofile, feeding, resistant, noise a stink.
Eats high sucrose containing food.
Projecting profits ? A product ? Ginger and Fred, the first species.
N.E.R.D. Assosiated to Dren, the pet/human specie,
Scientist cross boundaries, the next phase.
moving Dren, Dren is feeling hot/sick,
amfibien lungs, The barby doll from Elsa,
More than just faith, more than just luck, it is by design....
New proteines, Newstead, creatures alife and in flesh.
Male and female, ... . Deadly attack
Ginger hormonal changes, from female to male ?
Gen CD 356 producing specie ?
Dren is special, a daughter for Elsa.
Make up, a cat, growing up process,....
You can't always get what you want.
Music, dansing,.... The dans-gen ?
Unstable specie ? A dead cat.
Removing the poisoned tail, and wings.
Synthesised proteins ? Real scientists ?
confused about right and wrong !
For the betterment of mankind ?
An experiment, losing control, love ?
Derivative stable protein, 10 times higher.
Clives brother Gavin and the lab manager of Nerd enter.
Dren was burried, but escaped and is violent.
Under water, ... . More energy, a new tail. Wings,
Dren kills the lab manager, Gavin and Clive,
Dren and Elsa... What is the worst that could happen ?

Trailer : Tirza

Ifcfilms.com The killer inside me

The American. 18:40 de Munt zaal 1 George Cloony.
Jack, Sweden, asassinators, Jack shoots 1, shoots the women and shoots second mercenary.
Rome, a cafe, don't make any friends Jack.
A car, instructions, ... .
Castelvechio, Castel del monte, press-ups, exercises hanging,
L'Americano, l'Bruizzia the book, the local priest, share wine !
A call from a phonecell, mobile thrown away.
Brandy with priest, chat about to live for the present.
Sulmona, market, Edward meets Mathilda, about target. About gun.
Italian Poste, a package, making the weapon.
Clara and fysical relation for money.
A man can be rich if he has GOD in his heart,...
I don't think GOD is very intersted in me father.
Car problems, Fabio the son of padre Benedetto
materials for the weapon, quanta costa, niente...
Prepairing the weapon, clock sounds of the church, hammer work.
Shooting test, succesfull.
A newspaper article in the cafe. The song Americano.
Jack sleeps with a gun under his bed.
The train arrives with Mathilda in Sulmona,
Checking the aerea. Footprints ?
20 rounds, 10 explosives, her own target, the gun in 30 seconds.
Shooting test, business, 014 code for samsonite case. End of order.
picknick. A butterflie, serves a purpose being somewhere !
About a women in Jacks life. Sir butterfly.
the cafe, Once upon a time in the west,....
Clara, kissing ? Redlight sex.
A tatoo on Jack's/George Clooney's right elbow ,,,,EQUITAS,
and in neck on back a BUTTERFLY.
Senior farfalle.
quotation : i don't sleep with the other girls.
Prepairing 20 bullets, a liquid metal.
Carla and a friend Anna, come wednesday to Grapelli at 20h.
A newspaper about asassinated prostitutes.
a mercinairy, (Swedish) shoots a local, Jack steps on the scooter.
Follows the car, breaks the murderers neck.
Calls Pavel.
Signore Clark meets priest Benedictus to confess ?
Thank GOD for the favors and protection.
A heart full of fathers love.
What do you have my friend ?
Jack meets Carla in Grapelli, Gente de provence, A rose, a massage.
Carla showers, Jack finds a gun in her purse.
At night a photocamera to spy on Carla,
By day working on the bullets and gun,...
2 more days befor the delivery/drop.
Picknick and talk about gun in purse,
A procession ?
Take me with you, stay forever.
Jack meets Mathilde, the suitcase and metalbox (candy for her trip)
I'll read about it in the TRIBUNE.
Final payment, Goodbye mr Butterfly.
Porta S Rocca, Mathilde follows Jack, Pavel enters,
Carla meets Jack
Come away with me, Ti Amor,....
Mathilde shot, dying, Jack walks away.
Pavel atacks from back, Jack shoots him in head.
Jack drives away with a wound.
Blod on his hand, steering angry and sad.
Jack/Eduardo drives to the lake where Carla waits,....

De Wereld Gezondheid Organisatie (WHO) heeft 21 september uitgeroepen tot Wereld Alzheimer Dag.
verdwaald.... in het geheugenpaleis
Van huiselijk naar tehuis.
Bruine stoelen, gapende mensen,... Iemand die strijkt.
Spelletjes spelen, Puzzelen, de klok die tikt.
Een bejaardentehuis,
kamer ? Achterste voren spellen.
Diverse foto's,
Samen zwemmen
Er word niet gesproken over : Alzeimer.
3 woorden die je moet onthouden.
Vergeten doet pijn en brengt verdriet,....
Toch kan je er om lachen, gelukkig zijn en gezellig leven.
Belgie, Bijster, cafe smulhuisje,.... Een tochtje op een 4 fietstrapkar.
Welke dag, welke maand, welk jaar?
Iedereen heeft een eigen plaats met eten en koffie tijd.
6 dames, Louise, Mariette,Alice, Edwine, Bertje ... . Anita
Gewoon doen ? Koffie gemorst. Tafel conflictje.
Indolamatic, lach aanval onder haardroger.
Vrolijke en chagarijnige momenten, opmerkingen.
Oh wat zeit gij schoon,....
Haartjes in de krul.
Zot zijn doet geen pijn, overal waar de meisjes zijn.
mijn huis : schrijf oefeningen.
Polonaise, hoempa hoempa.
foto's, kleding, poppekes, verhuizen,....
Koffer inpakken, Louise verhuisd naar de Bijster.
Colonne, gezelschap van 9 mensen.
Met blote voeten op het strand.
Opgeborgen, 1x met de auto verkeerd gereden, Afgeschreven?
Familiefeest, een zaal vol, samen eten. Glaasje wijn.
Zingen van vroeger,.... Weet je niks ?
Daar bij die molen., La vie en rose door Anita, Ach Marietje,...
Een verzameling van 9 jaar aan herinneringen.
Pillekes of naar de Bijster ? Willen of moeten.
Dokters zijn wel dokters.
Lopen in het water.
De klok blijft tikken.

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