woensdag 29 september 2010

film reviews; by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler - GODOGOOD FFFUNNN project

Resident Evil 3d, 5 euro and membership. Bigger glasses than before.
please put on your 3dd glasses
A flashback, the world ends?
Robots with T bloodcells ? A bomb in a building ?
fighting against a diseas ?
A group of people still alive after a virus.
SuperStar power ? a bad director ? The world at it's end ?
A great story with many scary shots.
Bloody,messy, but actualy also realy serious !
A beautifull actress, a heroic role and lots of great scenes
How to go to the Arcadia ? The arcadia, a ship where a lot of people are ?
 imagine this !
Machettes and the Network operations
Machette an old cop ? His wife killed by the governement ?
Fighting for justice.
Machette shows his strenght,power, flexibility and sense of humor.
He meets a lot of beautifull women,... A girl with a taco-car.
who is she ? She gives hope and is a legend.
Mysterioso, ex federal, ICE a fucking shit magnet ?
A setup, an other shooter ?
Witness protection ?
there is the law, and there is what is right.
We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us. (Yessica Alba)
A funny funky ending, the revolution and revenge of the Immigrants. 

A crazy and a rational suicide, the devil in a building ?
a jumper from a 35th floor, 5 people in an elevator.
One a healer, one a stealer, one a cheater and one a beater, one a walk-away !
The devil shows a bloody situation in the elevator.
How to stop the devil ?
The policeman who lost his wife and children, (died in a car crash)
THE : I AM SO SORRY note !
The last man standing !
Forgiveness rules,...where there is a devil, there must be a GOD.
WallStreet Money never sleeps.
after 8 years of prison, Gordon comes back into the wallstreet life,..
harder, meaner, tougher,...
His daughter still doesn't want contact with him has a 100.000.000 on a swiss account.
Her friend tries to connect with the father to reconcile. to get information about his past, to reunite father and daughter.
After a few good conversations, a presentation with a powerfull speech, a wonderfull chat in the city N.Y.
Gordon gives a signal to enjoy the money his daughter keeps.
Revenge comes when Gordon gets the money and escapes to London.
But after having an echoscope of his grand-son, he regrets his bitterness and comes back to N.Y. to visit his daughter.
Love leads life aterall !

Sneak Preview ? Raske Pengar ? snel geld ?
A young man, JW is adicted to drugs, the party-life with his rich friends.
He gets in contact with some Bulgarian criminals and becomes their chauffeur / special driver.
He saves an escaped prisoner and keeps him safe for a month in his student-appartement.
For every safe day he gets 1000 Nordic Kronen ? or Euro's.
With a new plan he helps the criminals to make drugs-money become a business in exporting products.
The mathemathic brain is also having a concience. He goes for the big money 1.000.000, but has to wait 6 months.
After feeling bad about it, he betrays the gang; gets into a gunfight and becomes a criminal and prisoner of the state.
His girl still visits him and asks him if he still cares !

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