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Denzel Washington,... Etc.Chris Pine
Dune entertainment, Scott free, 21 century ...
Stanton Southern Pensylvania.

Dewey makes a mistake., a train without breaks, the 777 train,
A switchpoint, a train without conductor,
A rookie and an oldie (28 years conductor) shifted on the same train,
The wrong side connected ? Just ask when you don't know something.
The new guy has a familyname, but he makes a few mistakes,....
Together they take the small 1206 train,... And talk about life.
One is married but his wife died from cancer and has 2 beautifull daughters working at Hooters, the other has a relation-problem,..
A restraining order,..

Triple 7... (777 train) 39 cargo's in full position ?
An unmanned train with no brakes entering the city,,,
RSC, dispatch, train time? Priority.
A coaster at MP5, Ned goes fast to take the switch. But is to late.
Stop,look and listen.... Children scream at the railway crossing.
A long day,

Dispatch)) Conny Hooper not worrying about her job but the safety, at the central she is trying to get control over the situation.
FRA enters, ... It is all about safety !
The train has already passed the switch. Ned follows the mainline,
A train full of kids switch at a few seconds befor the triple 7 arrives.

Dewey drives with a car on a track next to the train., his colegue trying to jump over, a pole, a car wihout a right-door.
A failed try,.

The 777 train is comming right at the 1206,
The 1206 missing 5 carts because of a mistake of mr Colins.
Molten fenol in divers trains,
A spotter chopper, resticted areas, police support, local authorities
173 railway crossings, a train of half a mile with hazardous cargo.
How to derail it ? While we still can ?

The train drives into a horse-transportation-wagon. The horse escaped at a slide second.
Signal to signal 2500 feet ?
A 100 milion dollar thread, 30~40 % stockloss thread,....
80 mainline is a thread for lifes, a strategy ? Authorisation ?
A 7375 train AWVR employee, an evacuation > highly flamable !
A runawaytrain in front ? Attempt to stop the 777 train !
3 choppers, 2 firedepartmentwagons, police squad support,
7346 locomotive on the breaks,
A soldier on the train drops through a window, hangs on a line at a chopper,... It is going to fast,
The 7375 crashes, derails and explodes,....

1206 passing 52, >>>> 5000 horses, and give her all you got.
The 777 passed 47,... <<<<<<
,>< Arklow ? Evacuation of the people.
Just on time before a crash ? Derailing ?
Stop it by the power, grab it by the tail.
The chance that the 777 gets to Stanton is very high,....
The 1206 goes backwards to grab a tail,
30.000 gallons of toxic chemicals and derailing ?
Conny makes some calls to check the authorities about derailing !
Frank is right to drive backwards to make a break on the 777 train.
Derailing is worthless.
Longhood leanback will make it possible to make a break on it.
Stop pursuit, 72 earlier retirement for Frank or loosing a job ,.....
location and speed ? >..< 9 miles catching up.

A restraining order,...
One day everything is oke, the next everything falls apart.

Troopers at 2,1 mile from Arklow,.
A safetyswitch next to a fuel tank.
No can't do,
Soab won't even know what hit it ?
The trackblock is not effective.
The AVR trains pass Arklow and enter Stanton...
One in highspeed, the other in higher speed in reverse.
Dynamic break and tracktforce ?
Catch up, hook up, break, (run in reverse>>>)>
Will goes to the back, (undressed his yellow jacket !)
Will Colson falls during clicking the pin, he hangs and struggles,
Connection is made, succesfully attached, Conductor injured.
A curve follows in Stanton, slowing down ? The same speed ?
Frank needs to get the train back from 50 to 20.
Don't get sentimental, makes me think i am gonna die,

Darcy watches it all on TV and becomes emotional, tried to call, ....

One of the worst disasters in Pensylvania ? Based on a true story !

Frank goes to the front of the train,....
manualy breaking each car/cargo.....
Walks on top of the fast train, 34, 33,...
1206 loses the breaks.....
A bridge,..
Engine blocks overheated,...
Handbreaks ?
Fuel storage tanks ?
Will pulls the independent (break)
Cargo drops from the train, but the train gets back on track,....
Through the Stanton curve,...
Frank Barnes is walking on Prixton Chemicals trains,...
The train is going faster and faster,....
Ned saves Will by driving synchronise next to the train,
Will jumps on the train again,,,, into the CAB, no breaks ?~#@
Will stops the train manualy.

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