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FILMS & FFFUNNN - film reviews, written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler - GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONS.-(The Next Three Days) Crime Drama Romance Movie)

FILMS & FFFUNNN - film reviews, written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler - GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONS. - (The Next Three Days)
Crime Drama Romance Movie)

i'll promise you,.... this will not be your life !
What if, your wife is innocent, but is caught for murder.
Suddenly the national guard is bursting the front door.
Many different stories, but proof of a blodstain on a jacket and fingerprints on a fireblusser lead to the status guilty,...
The jacket and button is lost moment ? If she is innocent ?

The mother/wife in prison, the man and his son alone. A teacher on school.
A loving father, .... Getting punched for looking for a new identity,
A deaf motor driver, 1000 dollars in front and pictures.
What if an escape is the only way out ?
New passports, socialnumbers, a gun,... Enough money ?
Research and preparation stadium, the escape plan and scheme !
Stealing money from, a drugdealer, a dead body left at a busstation.
A 15 minutes border befor blocked roads and bridges, 35 minutes focus for ID exposure and bordercontrols on traveling at roads.
A plan to make it work ! A long period of training and gaining the right info,attitude and material to free your wife.
A birthday party ending in the Pitsburg Zoo ?
Quatres from Canada, an escape to Venezuela ?
How can one proof unguilty ?
The escaping moment, a hospital, the roadblocks, trainstation, older people travelling with, to pass a border, road block.
The airport ? Detector of metal and the boy holding the coins.
The tension to bare, a shocking moment, an attempt to kill herself, a driving door opening panic attack.
(the crowd was clapping afterwards).
How a man gets his wife out of prison and escapes with son.
Bijlage bevat de notitie en bijbehorende objecten



Russell Crowe plays in these blood exciting new thriller by Paul Haggis (Crash) the role of teacher John Brennan. John is happily married to Lara (Elizabeth Banks) and they have a cute son. Then the police their house and Lara was arrested as a suspect of a gruesome murder. If her innocence after three years is still not proven, it is John's time to take action themselves ...

When Lara is in jail, is John's life upside down. He now only raise his son Luke, teaching school and fight for the release of his wife. When the final appeal is dismissed Lara, she is desperate. John also sees no possibilities to prove her innocence. There is only one way left to him: herself outbreak. Realizing that he taught no idea what it takes to plan such a crazy complex to implement, it switches attention. Damon (Liam Neeson), a convict who once escaped from prison, the man who tells him exactly what he needs to know.

John bulk of its opinions are eagerly diving into an unknown and dangerous world that he risks everything he has for the woman he loves back.

The Next Three Days film reviews, written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler

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