vrijdag 25 mei 2012

What to expect when you are expecting

Once you feel the love and glory of family-life, nothing gets in the way...
Or at least a couple has to make the best of it and take the rest relax and caring with a smile.
Being pregnant, expecting a girl or boy or twin, it is all in the game!
This way you can see how it feels to be in any possible position - expecting, but giving anything you got to make it succesful.

Putting cute and famous together with a lot of truth and wishful facts about wanting a child and getting the responsibility of parenthood.

As you can see, many thoughts come out emotions,hormons and wishes.

Attitute is a clear state that gives it reason to see how good the experience is during the proces - expecting and hoping!

Much more to tell, but this movie made it into my top ten, not only because of the cast, but also because of the fun in any issue dealt with by all the couples facing the fact- expecting!

Adoption, boy or girl issue, money does not matter and somehow it does!

Faith, Courage, yes i can motivation,
Telling the truth! Anything is in it!

Professionaly we can not be prepared, but as people know, people do, people go and are we able to face the unexpected?

Just watch and learn!
See it and believe it.

I dream of this life!

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