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Review about : Bridget Jones, The edge of reason

Bridget is a wonderful character with many psychological issues in her life.
Loving Mark Darcy is her greatest problem. Just because she is so insecure about her own body, her performances, her future and all the things she loves, she thinks about the biggest problems and the smallest defaults in her love life.
Adoring her 6 week relation and wondering about the future, Bridget already thinks about a family life.
She also wonders about greatness, being a lady, being a princess, being pragnent and married with children.
Talking about children is the first big discussion in the relationship between the two. From one moment into the next, Bridget can change into a sceptic person with no trust whatsoever.
Darcy is emotionaly empty and damaged when he talks about children.
Bridget wants a family life and a fairy-tale like any other women of her age.
Being 30 and jaelous on Mark Darcy's beautiful female collegue makes it not easier to become a perfect partner and lover.
The two have great dialogues about life, they talk about their dreams and wishes. What seems to occur is that life expectations are not always the same, but in the end love will always win,..
at least we hope !

Watching this movie is a great journey into the story of a love life of a strange couple.
Simple issues become strong scenes.
Funny moments with dramatic story-lines. Understanding eachother and showing eachother the right emotions is for Bridget not as easy as for most people who are in love.

If Jones wants to be a Darcy, she has to forget her negative emotions and trust the man who loves her with his hart and soul.
Fighting for someone has to come from both sides.

The start of the movie with Bridget jumping from an aero-plane and waiting to open her parachute quite long makes a clear message. Certainly when she lands in a pig-stall and falls on her ass in the shit, while she presents her TV programm with a smile.
We all know, It's not about her image, but about her love life.
Will this women find the peace to feel the comfort of true love?

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)
After finding love, Bridget Jones questions if she really has everything she's dreamed of having.


In the second half of this movie, it is not about Darcy but about her Ex and new collegue Daniel Clever, her profession and a visit to Thailand - Bankok.
Loving Thai cuisine, talking about anything but true love, tripping on some mushrooms and thinking about nothing but glorious sand and being naked as a baby, the movie twists from the one thing into the other.
Clever still feels strong emotions about Jones and tries to seduce her with his strong communicative skills.
Fatal incompatibility or trusting again?
Bridget seems to know what she wants and feels.

Seriously it is a great movie with a big smile, funny story-lines and great dialogues. somehow a bit classic and original in many ways.
Good actors are why this movie made it into my top 100 watchlist.
Maybe even one of the best movies.
The music and absurdities are both unmissable in this episode of the Bridget Jones story.

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