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Jacky / Melissa

A Dutch movie with a Dutch twin playing the twin sisters from the Netherlands.
Holly Hunter playing: Jacky/Melissa.

When the sisters get a message from the U.S. after years, they are interested to see who their real mother could be

Carice van Houten and Jelka van Houten are playing the roles of Sophie and Daan, the twin who was raised by two men in the Netherlands.

Daan (Jelka) is not as known for her acting like her famous hollywood actress - sister Carice van Houten, but she seems to have talents in singing.
Both sisters sing along a radio song.
Cuanto le gusta.- (Pasklaar)

The movie-theme-songs : Tryin' and Mother road are 2 perfect songs about the life and situation they are in.

Many songs are written about Route 66 also known as (A.K.A.) Mother Road Mother Road
After the first connection between the sisters and Jacky/Melissa, we see a change in the story.

The introduction shows that the twin is not so focused on a mother, but when they eat, talk and sleep in the same trailer/camper about anything, the three become bonded and closer than expected.
From New Mexico and the White Sands to follow the road to the care-centre where Jacky/Melissa should be treated for her ear-drums and her broken leg.
On the road the three stop and listen to some music in a road-restaurant.
Then Daan shows her skills and talent in singing. After this lovely evening, the girls are attacked in the dark by a few men. Fortunately Jacky/Melissa has a gun and shoots one man from out of her trailer in his foot.

Getting closer and closer, Jacky/Melissa tells the girls about her brother, who she first lied to be dead.
The girls drive her to him.
There they sit around a camp-fire and sing songs and smile about life.
That was the last thing Jacky/Melissa did and ended her life with a letter.
The truth is reveiled and the sisters leave with the pot of ashes.

2160 - Tryin - Jelka van Houten,

When you were gone
the world it thought , that i was wrong
you never knew, what i've been through
trying to keep you.

i never had the best.
i always only got what was last.
and i was always there behind the rest
Tryin Tryin.

Take these arms.
and heaven close more cautiously.
Take this hurt.
and let it stay free.
And take this women, and give her strenght to go on
Tryin, and you know somehow
Eventhough i can't have you now
i'll keep trying anyhow.
... >>> ? lyrics? Tryin' ?

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