maandag 7 februari 2011

Filmreview : Black Swan written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL

Black Swan.


Fox searchlight a new corporation
crosscreek pictures.
A Protozoa and.....

a light on one ballet dancer.
spitzen, dancing on her toes
Nathaly Portman.
An opponent, black and scary.
Swanlake ? The white swan dancer.

Waking up, toes knarsh.
A crazy dream.
A pink grapefruit.Breakfast.
A dedicated dancer. a scrach on her left shoulder.
A sweet girl,.. in the subway.White cloaths.
Seeing herself in black ?
Winter Classics,
Beth, gossips abouth er.
Someone new, girls talking and make-up.
Fonteyn dancer,
intro of Lilly (,Milah Kuniz.)
Shoes and a needle, toes and some tape, a cissor and bottym.
Education. Holding hands up, standing on toes. relax.
John stops playing piano.
The principle . director arrived.
Everyone recloathes.
Story : Virgin a swan, a spell, a prince, love declaration.
Black swan seduces. White swan leaves devestated.
Finds freedom falling from a cliff.

Strip donw, visual, rear. A new swan queen.
Embody both. White and black.
Waiting for the part.

An angry Beth M walks away.

An audition, suddenly Lilly enters loudly.
Practice with piano. Nina shows her black swan performance.
Too much controlled, seducive, attacking.

Nina walks outside and sees herself in black passing.
Back home crying about the auditions.
Practicing in front of a mirror.
Turning and turning on her toes. Then an injury.
Her big toe damaged.
Her mothers advice : Everything looks better in the morning, so go to sleep.

Nina talks with the principle,
Veronica is chosen, Asking for the part she understands that ll her discipline and wanting to be perfect is not always about control, but also about letting go.
The principle kisses her.
She bites, but appologises.

The list with the roles is on.
Befor looking she congruatulates Veronica.
But Nina is chosen to do the part. An angry Veronica.
Nina calls her mother. Glad but crying.
On the mirrors with lipstick WHORE.

Nina arrives home, watches her shoulder bleeding.
The swanqueen gets a vanilla strawberry pie.
A short moment of oddness. The pie looks jummy.

Nina practices,
The principle asks her to get ready to give her more of that bite.
Evil forces are effecting her.

Epaulement, Lilly moves effortless. Not faking.
Mr Leroy sends flowers.
Nina sharing the room with Beth.
Beth as Melpomany, ....
A toast, to all of us, to Beth, to Nina, to beauty.

Nina her fingernail has a problem.
Lilly enters the toilet. undoing her panties.
A short conversation, Stay or Go !

The principle and Nina meet in the museum
Karen asks for his attention,
Beth suddenly at Nina her back.
Beth shouts WHORE to Nina.

The principle asks if she is a virgin, if she loves sex.
Gives her homework to touch herself.
live a little.

Nina scrached herself and her mother cuts her nails.
Almost totaly undressed Nataly Portman.
The next morning she touches herself.
Relaxes, roles over an orgasmatic moment.
Suddenly she shocks seeing her mother sleeping in the chair next to her bed.

Beth in hospital, both legs broken.
A car hit her while walking through the street.
On purpose ?

This is your moment Nina !
Nina visits Beth,....
Flowers and more flowers.
Nina is shocked by seeing Beth her legs.

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