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Filmreview : Skyline written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL

SkyLine Trailer

a transmission production
Rat entertaimentIM global
A brothers strause film

Blue lights fall from the sky.
A city by night.
people sleep. Ray and Elaine !
light shines though the luxaflex curtens.
(Elain) A women starts vomiting,
Blue shirt, white underwear nicker.

.... wake up,....
Another women screams :Ray !
L.A. city,....

A strange face, blood vains showing, eyes scary.


15 hours before ....
Elaine and Jarrod in a plane, pic a picture,
Jarrod made some art in a book with some colors.

A sportscar Ferarri,...
A robot scene ?
No business on my birthday.

The plane arrives, A beautifull black bentley.
OTIS elevator to the penthouse, a voice.
remark : 2nd most talented guy i know !
Incredible view.

A pool, some models, a cosmo drink and shots, ....
Happy birthday Terry.
A wife demanding a cosmo.
helicopters pass the hotel. Home land security.

Evening and party. round characters shot.
Jarrod and Terry talk sitting and drinking,
T : A computer is just a tool !
* It is always about the money.
Think about it !

Elaine feeling bad up in her hotel-room. Late as in Late.
Feeling sick, a testresult a week ago.
A future together ?

Gay scene on TV, the party is shocked,
A noise complaint, building half empty, other half wants to sleep !

Terry and another girl, a man stoned on the floor.

Day one 4:27
lights, people awakening, an earthquacke ?
Opening the windows,
Ray is captured by the lights. Opens the blinds.
Follows the lights.
Jarrod also is seduced by the lights, but saved by Terry.
Jarrod's face and eyes are strange.
Blue lights fly up into the sky again.
What did you see ?
His face and eyes normal again.
People on the roof.
You dont know what is out there.
The women are frightened,
Jarrod with a photocamera.
Terry with a gun, both men leave to investigate.
Strange sounds in the building.
Walt and his barking little dog.
Denise checks the TV.
Jarrod and Terry on the roof, the door locks itself.
Elaine calls her mother, voicemail.
.. please pick up, call me back as soon as you get this.
The skyline is dark, clouds, blue lights fall from the sky.
Terry and Jarrod stand on the roof.
Jarrod starts making pictures with his EOS camera.
A wind, a light damages a whole building.
An immense group of space invaders.
They try to escape, the door locked.
Terry shoots at the lock, again, ..
suddenly Elaine opens the door,
Her eyes changed by the blue lights.
They escape into the penthouse suite.
Elaine knows Jarrod has seen what she saw.
The pictures on the camera are shocking.
The light is seducing people, it is so beautifull.
T: Everything is under control. Don;t worry about it.
Jarrod his stomach is blue vained. He feels bad but doesnt want to say this to Elaine.

Terry is at Walts appartement, but no one answers.
The sound of the wind.
Terry takes the key of Walts car.
Suddenly Walt appears with his dog.
The dog barks, The aliens are in front of the window.
Tentacles with blue lights enter the appartement.
The arm takes Walt and his dog.
A robot ? An alien ? Terry shoots and runs.
All scared,... Terry wants to leave with his boat.
The blanks are opened by the timer. They see ...
The city is crushed and snagged. Aliens attack.
Terry wants to kiss his girl, but she mentions his faults by going strange with Denise.

The 3 women and 3 men are going down by elevator.
To the cars in the parking.
They drive away in seperate cars.
Other people leaving the building. Help ?

A big sort of dinosaurus feet ,
Terry and his Ferarri are cruched.
Terry runs away but is captured by tenticles.

The others try to escape but the gate doesnt open.
The other people in the parking are overwhelemed.
The man his eyes are colored.
The women runs towards Jarrod screaming.
The motel manager drives into the alien.
The alien has swollowed the man, the man is still alive, but cant escape. A shocking moment when the man his head is crushed by a blue light tentacle.
The women is caught during the chase at the pool-side.
They run, the alien follows.

In the appartement,
Jarrod and the manager block a door,
Whether you like it or not, this is happening.
Pregnant Elain cries, No sigarettes please.
It seems so unreal.
Somebody is fighting back.

Day 2,
The effect on Jarrods skin is worse.
Elaine and Jarrod talk about what they remember.
A fast fragmentt, stress in the appartement. Waiting.
No more water ! Jarrod his chest is purple.

Jarrod wants to leave the appartement.
They discuss this,
The army enters with starfighters.
The aliens fight strong with airplane fighters.
A mig almost reaches the alien-ship,
It is shot. A big bang and crash. The aliens move ?
A big light ! The total skyline is in smoke.
The alien-ship crashes down.
The aliens are not death but really pissed off !
Al aliens restore the alien-ship.
Then a chopper on the roof, Jarrod wants to go.
No rescue ? a chance ?

Jarrod fights the manager who thinks differently.
After a fight he shows Elaine he is who he is.
He wants to leave with her.
Soldiers are outside, they investigate the area.
Jarrod takes an axe and runs with Elain over the roof.

In the meanwhile the blond is watching into a blue light and is caught by the aliens.

The aliens take a chopter and pull it down.
It drops and explodes.
A soldier shoots a bazooka.
The alien falls.

When Elaine and Jarrod are at the same door where they were before, an alien grabs Elaine around her wristh, but Jarrod uses the axe to free her from the tentacles of the alien.

The manager is alone in the appartment.
He opens the gas and takes a sigaret.

Jarrod is caught by the alien at his right leg.
Then the alien holds Jarrod with the blue tentacle on his head. The brainpower Jarrod produces frees him.
Elain takes out the aliens blue brain.

The manager tried to light a fire, ...
An alien captures him,
Then the manager says :
The building explodes, the alien is down.

Jarrod fights an alien to free Elaine,

They run away.
A bigger alien enters the scene and chases them.
An airplane crashes close to Elaine and Jarrod.

Lainy you have to go,...
I am not going anywhere without you !

The alienship swollows them with airpower into the sky. THEY KISS - ROMANTIC.

White screeen.
New York, Day 3, Statue of Liberty.
Smoke all around town.
An alienship lights the air.

A big blue light. ....
People on the ground in sort of slimy modd.
Unheaded bodies. The alien=tentacles take the peoples head off. The bodies are thrown into a pit !
Elaine is caught, but the alien sees the body carries a baby. Elaine is treated differently.
brains are swolowed by the aliens.
A new creature comes to life.
Yellow lights. Blue lights.
Jarrod has changed into an alien.

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