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Filmreview : The dilemma written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL

The Dilemma.
Universal A division of NBC Universal.

New York,
A Ron Howard film,

a dinner for 4. A discussion about knowing eachother. Finding out shocking issues in the future.
A dialogue about forgiving.
Death ends all stories.

Think you know somebody, but....
We are all special people, unic, an own identity, our own personal issues.

A car show, talk about hugs and hot buttons.
Get your arms around !
My first Dodge ?
Ronny Valentine meets Thomas Fern,.
Nick Brannan meets ?
Hugs, Your soul is to important to take!
A direct competitor, no near dead experience.
A setup.

Geneva in pub, 4 drinking, friends hugging.
Nick : Sometimes i love your boyfriend.

Talk about dancers, 2 dancing Nick and wife. hero couple.Dance with your hero !
Nice moves.
That just happened !

Ronny likes the girlfriend and doubts.
Loses with ping pong, 15 to 4.
Full body contact. stealing a kiss.
Completely commited to a relationship,...
feeling great. No worry, No hurry,
Fun together, a talk, a chat, a discussion ?
Happy together, Love and I love you's !

Time to do it, .. pep talk. waking-up, rise and shine.
Detroit info on radio, NYC yellow cab.
Nick and Ronny. Great moments, Great opportunaties, A Kurt Russel Speach, Movie Miracle.
Nervous, ... A meeting, being the greatest small business in the world.
I can't be broke when i am gonna get married.
A ring deal, a gift to fix a car,...

Electric cars are totally Gay (Ronny)
Nissan Spit, a bunny.
Hyunday Pomegranted
Chevy Fingerprint.

A Pontiac GTO 19....
Combine rock and roll sexiness with GREEN !
An exclusive long term contract.

Susan Warner from Chrysler,
It takes one to know one.
I am just like you !.... Vision, Mission,
I want to have sex with your words, i want to bang your brain.....

Nick, what if we can't deliver.

Ronny, Relax, everything is going to be fine.

16 months 9 days not gambling Ronny.
A kiss in the kitchen of his girls restaurant.

All 5 senses alife on a location full of plants,....
A proposal ? The perfect place !
Then suddenly,...
Geneva and another man kissing ?
Passiflora Incarnata, Mr Ronny Valentine shocked.
After effect, diaria, fever, pain in tong, bad dreams, .

A lie about the accident,
Ronny makes up stories : Kids puffy and lazy. A ball.

Process the data,... Measurements, Noise.
Fractional orders, Failure.
Something personal, Loan forms,... block emotions.

Ronny asks strangers about ...
Ronny, a call to his sister, just checkin in ?
should have told question !
Sister calls back freaked out and assuming her friend is going strange.

Ronny and Nick 8 minutes chat.

If only it were fuel efficient.
Recharge the engine.
Get some perspective.
Take a breather,... Potential celibration.
Not a discussion, we are doing this.
Thank me for this later !

Ice hockey. NHL, a net, see things differently,....

Ronny talks to Geneva while she is texting.
Geneva swears to GOD to stop seeing her lover.

Stress, and being the guy causing extra sress ?

N: Don't let fear sabottage yourself to be happy !
If you want ice cream, get yourself some ice cream.
ps. we did just moved into the red-zone.

Ronny follows Nick, to a massage salon >
Mr Mountain High,.....
Geneva playing pool.
A call, a cup of coffee somewhere.
About Hellen Keller, Sybil, a girl with all different characters.
About : go fix yourself,

it means something now,....
Emotional, Psychological, Crazy ?
About safety, a women crying.

On a bench, Majestic for Men.
Ronny praying to GOD, talking about his regrets, lessons, stuff he learned, not wanting to lose his best friend, being scared, if you are listening....

Sunrise, Beth and a note about an anniversiry of her parents. A pie and a Ronny messing it up.
A call for Beth Dalton, The Kearny Group.
Ronny buys a photocamera.

DODGE, Susan,your engine in this car !
Next level genius, United designs within 3 days.
descission, information, ....

Ronny follows Geneva with camera and shoots tries to shoot a picture, follows her to the house.
While he makes pictures Nick calls, he answers very strange, clumbsy with the Nikon camera, shocked.

A fight, a guitar, fish, .... Oxy ?
A treathening Ronny with a hairspray and light threathening to burn the guys face
Ronny's car crashed,...

Looking like shit !
A new sweater, ... the family meeting,
screw the project, screw the deadline.
A strange moment with a cousin, parents, ....
LOVE HAS NO LAW ? After 40 years !
Ronny makes a toast. people are not perfect, people make mistakes, honesty and love and patience.
And similar interest.

The truth will always find you !

What is the cause that makes you do and think like this ?

You are breaking more stuff than fixing !
Ronny and Beth in conversation, ....
A break-up, Ronny sleeps at the office.

Ronny goes for his camera and a sorry.
A gun, an apoligize,

Nick at the door, who the hell are you ?

dr.Rosenstone. An intervention, friends and family.
& the guy ? the camera and only 1 picture ?
Dont kill the messenger, ... Ronny hits the guy.
catharsus !

Happy endings in Pilsen versus going strange !

Is there something you still believe in ?


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