maandag 7 februari 2011

Filmreview : London boulevard written by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL

David Thewlis,.. London boulevard

Trailer :Mitchel comes free from jail,

his friend Billy takes him home.

A moneylander, a firm devided ?

80 pounds and nowhere to go ?

A phone, a place, a party.....

Mitchel breaks a lock, a book with more money, a knife, some old pictures.

Joe on the streets selling newspapers.

Mitchel gives him money, tax for doing good.

A women at an ATM, a f*off,...

A pub crowded and screaming for Mitchel.

His sister, Purple Dave's Nephew, a gun, Mitchel knocks him down.

Mitchel meets Penny,

live with little to be alife.

Mitchel meets Joe, gets a gun, gives his knife,....

I will hurt someone befor they hurt me.

mission :Protect the privacy of a women.

Harry Mitchel gets the job, the old one out.

Stars husband bedded her best friend'

Anthony Trent, the old owner of the house.

Joe attacked by 2 kids.

An i won't eat and i can't eat scene with his sister.

Dr Raju, Joe has only 24 hours or less.

Who was it ?

Mitch gets hit while helping Billy.

NHS number ? Raju helps.

Money from Billy says sorry.

Mitchel's words at the funeral,....we are all f*ckd

everything terrible is something that needs our love. Raju likes Mitchel's sister.

''better to be out''
work is what you do when you rather d something else.

Talking about Brixton and savages with the Big Boss.

Discipline and in charge in Peckham ?

A surprise for thursday,

papparazia at the front door,

a drive out of the city,

as a free man Mitchel wants food and a bed to think, what he had in Jail ?

At the country.

A women is there to get a hero talk about himself,....

A quaaludes chianti italian raped her,....

Gant kills a negro boy, Billy screwed up.

Mitchel is mad and walks away.

Mitchel kicks 2 papparazzis from the stairs.

Gant and Mitchel have dinner

You can be anything, you can do anything

Mitchel walks away and pays for the stake.

Mitchel doesn't take the job, but pays rent.

Revenge on the 2 kids,

Billy's gun, a car, Billy's money, Billy killed.

I am what i say i am....

Funny what we remember.

I wrote a poem for a girl once,

she wrote her name under it and sended it to her other boy-friend.

I heard you've been lookin for me

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